Tuesday, May 28, 2019


New print - Tropics Blue/Black in an Energy Bra and Speed Wunder Tights.

Calypso Pink Scuba

Canyon Rock Love Crew Tee

The tank I bought last week - the Swiftly Breeze Tank in Muse. They should have put this on a brunette because it washes this woman out.

True Navy Boyfriend Tee Cloud Wash. I am tempted to order this but I've bought a lot this month already. I checked the material and it's made of Vitasea - one of my favorites, it's so soft and durable - so I ordered it to try since I don't have this style yet.

Free to Be Long Line Ribbed Bra Washed - in Antoinette and Blue Moon.

Floral Spritz Everywhere Belt Bag

The Black Silverescent Circle Mesh Essential Tank got moved under the Scallop Essentials.

Hydrangea Blue Essential Tank Scallop

Black/White Relaxed Fit Swiftly SS

Turn to Tie Tank

New embossed Align style - Stride Emboss.

Did you get anything today? Just that blue tee for me.

Some previews from the foreign sites:

New tribal print previewed in Australia - Tribal Pace in engineered luxtreme Energy Bra and Wunder Unders. I'd like this in Fast and Frees. I also really like that yoga bag in the print.

Deep Ruby Aligns shown in the UK.

Cute "Lululemons" print shown in HK - Will the Wave Surf Short.

New Align print shown in HK - Free Spirit Ice Gray Black. I might get these when we get them.

Free Spirit Iced Gray/Black Power Y (Aus)

Meet Me Halfway Tank (UK)

Iced Iris Soul Stride Tank (UK)

Muse Energy Bra (Aus)


anon said...

I love the foreign site previews (even though we don't often get the products!) Thanks!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - Thanks. I always check them but I slacked off for a bit on posting them.

Anonymous said...

I like the foreign site offerings more than what we got in N.A. I find the uploads super boring, almost everything is an old style in new colours. I still buy from WMTM here and there, but my spending has been cut drastically. My enthusiasm too.

Anonymous said...

I hope the US gets the orange long line Energy Bra and scarlet red high neck Energy Bra from the UK upload--love both.

Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me figure out why Lulu can't get stripes to match up! but I like some of the new stuff coming

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I am hoping for from Lulu at this point. Maybe the fall product drop will be better? I still miss the old summer drops of spf tops, ruffle detail tanks/shorts/skirts. I know those days are gone but still, lol!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:02 pm - most of my spending is older things -or new and improved older things like the Breeze Swiftly items - in new colors. My tastes have also changed a lot over the years. I used to like technical tanks with built in bras but now I've gone the other way and really like the looser fitting Love Tanks and now the new Breeze Swiftly tanks. I've also become a big Love Tee fan so I'm building up my collection in those items. I used to like luxtreme bottoms but now I'm all about Aligns and Fast and Frees. (Though, I have to say I really prefer Athleta's Elation tights, made of Powervita, over WUPs made of full on luon. They nailed the fit perfectly and the material is a bit heavier than nulu so it's nice for colder weather. I cannot stand full on luon - it's too scratchy.) The one new thing I like a lot is the Tie Your Practice LS I got the other week. I'd get another but it's so pricey.

anon said...

Also love seeing the In-Store photos. Helps to see the clothing on real people (not models). Also the combinations they put together.

Danielle J said...

I missed out on the boyfriend tee I guess, I’m so bummed!!

Anonymous said...

They sold out of the boyfriend tee in cloud wash in like two days! So bummed I didn’t order it in time.