Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Parallel Stripe Train Times

Finally! Lady Swiftly Polos in White and Silverscreen (CAD). What took so long? These are perfect for golf.

Swiftly Speed Henley. Shown in Hyacinth.

New colors in the Free To Be Serene Bra - Brisk Blue and Super Purple. I'd order but they aren't available in size 14. 

New colors in the Breeze Muscle Crop Tank - Brisk Blue, Florid Flash, and Gray Sage.

Interesting new color in the Define - Honey Lemon.

Honey Lemon Scuba Crew and Pullover.

Scuba Pullover in Sandlot.

Scuba in Glossy pink.

Serene Blue Nuture and Nature pullover.

New Serene Blue Swiftly Breeze Tank. I ordered a couple of these the other week. 

New washed colors in Wunder Under Tights - Washed Moon, Washed Clay, and Washed Antionette.

Sheer Joy Jacket

Free to Be Serene Long Line bra in Antionette.

Antionette Goal Up Tank.

Graced with Lace Long Jacket in Antique Bark

Springscape Multi Wunder Unders and Train Times.

Enlite Hydraffinity Vest, priced at $178. I don't see the benefit of this over a much cheaper CamelBak.

Some interesting things uploaded today but they either didn't come in a color I liked (Swiftly SS polo) or size (the new FTBS bra colors), so nothing for me. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

On the Fly joggers were also a new item today. Very interested in those!

Kathleen said...

From what I understand about the Hydraffinity Vest, the vest offers the same high support that the Elite Bra does. AKA, you can wear it over *any* bra (high, medium, low support, any fabric, etc.) and you'll get the high support from the Hydraffinity. They also pitch the hydration pocket as a plain pocket if you aren't using it for a water bladder. Lots of storage options for the drinking tube, too, I guess.

I'd be so so curious to what actual long distance runners think of it.

Anon. said...

Every week I cross my fingers and hope for the return of Ta Ta Tamer. It's my go-to sports bra and I'm in desperate need of a new one. I'm beginning to think it might be gone for good now.

Jamiebetker said...

I love those swiftly polos. But I agree they have such limited color selection. Hopefully they’ll release some other options soon.

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for the Golden Line bottoms and sports bras to be released!!

Anonymous said...

anon@7:40 am
yes, Golden Lime...waiting too...tired of being taunted by the fast n frees in photos. Would be great in Free to be Serene bra and Speed short 4".

I think the Snow Wash Wonders in all colors look and feel really nice. Tried on today in store.

Anonymous said...

@Kathleen -

I'm a long distance runner. My friends and I literally laughed at their attempt at a hydration vest. Its ridic and none of us would go near it, especially at what it's priced at and doesn't even include the bladder. There are so many better options out there made by companies who know what they are doing and do it so much better and cheaper. My current hydration vest for Ultra distances has multiple front pockets that are easy access for needed items when out for awhile. Gels, phone, chapstick, kleenex. Even has slots for hiking poles for trail needs. A safety whistle. In all, I have 4 easy access exterior pockets and one secure zip pocket. This is in addition the bladder pocket (zip close) and an additional pocket to hold anything extra as needed. A magnet to hold the drinking tube for easy access. Lulu's vest is sorely lacking in this regard and if you are wearing a vest, you are out for longer than what a handheld can be used for so these pockets are needed. I see a gu gel pocket on the inside but that's it and not really accessible easily looks like. Just poorly designed IMO. Also, if we already run long distance, we already have sports bras designed to support and don't need nor want anything else on top that's tight (and hot and adds sweat inducing heat, no thanks). That tight of a vest would not layer well over a ls run top in the winter or even a tank. I could see a twisted clothing issue and having to mess with it while running. How about a quick change or needing to remove layers...I can just unhook, remove, put it back on and go. This vest seems a lot more cumbersome in that regard and not as easy on easy off. Just so much no. Expect to see it on WMTM pretty quick or in outlets.

Lulu needs to just stick to clothing, but there they've even lost me too as they seem to no longer make great technical clothing.