Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Spanish Oak Sundown Wrap. I like this but not at $148.

Ray and Dark Olive Swiftly Breeze Short Sleeve tops.

Enlight Engineered Wunder Unders

Pink Haze So Sherpa (CAN). 

Push Your Pace Jacket in Steam Blue and Antoinette

Heathered Gatsby Blue Scuba. I ordered this - I've been looking for a new Scuba in a solid color to pair with my print bottoms.

Copper Coil Love Crew. I really like the Love Crew but they keep making them in what I consider "scrubs" colors.

Scuba Pullover in Serene Blue

Sundance Define. I think this is a pale yellow but I guess it could be a cream white.

Starting Place Hoodie in White

Pleat Perfection Jacket. Not sure about the goofy outfit, though. ;)

Enlight Energy Bra

Dark Red Fast and Free Crop

Dark Red Pace Rival

Dark Chrome Trace Back Bomber

Cloud Blue No Inhibitions Tee

Canada also got a number of the Asian-market Lunar New Year items. Shown above is Artisan Spring Energy Bra, Wunder Unders, and Free to Be Wild Bra.

Dark Red Scuba

Lunar New Year Aligns. The only thing that makes them special is the gold logo.

I was kind of hoping the new light blue and hot pink Free to Be Serene Bras that have been spotted in stores and on the foreign sites would be uploaded today but no joy. Just the Scuba for me - did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it describing some of the colours of the Love Tee Crews. I love the Tees but some of the colours since last summer have been horrible and what are they thinking replicating colours so similar and putting them out at the same time? I don't go for the pale shades and I am not into colours that you look at and say what colour is that like this new Copper Coil, no thank you!

Not impressed with anything in this drop except for the Gatsby Blue Scuba but I just bought a blue one not long ago but I really like this one.

Anonymous said...

not loving anything...hoping this isn't a prelude to spring

LuluAddict said...

@anon 9:59 pm - I know! It's a super slow start to the year, though.

Anonymous said...

I was going to purchase the Lunar new year wunder unders (could only find them if i searched "lunar").. then they ALL suddenly disappeared! I started a live chat with an educator who basically gave me the most unhelpful, robotic answer: she thinks they must be out of stock and I should sign up for their email notifications (major eyeroll)...

I wonder why they were available to us here in Canada, then suddenly all got pulled!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering where you found out about the "Lunar New Year Aligns"? I live in Canada and am unable to see it on the website. I also visited two Lulu stores and did not see them. Thanks!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:21 pm - Maybe they were already sold out on the Canadian side or just a US upload.