Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Upload - Including the Soul Cycle Collab!

Lululemon x Soul Cycle collab was uploaded last night. These are the Luxtreme Ride and Reflect Tight in Adobe Dust, Black, and Purple Taupe. 

Luxtreme To the Beat Crop 21"

Ride & Reflect Muscle Tank in Luminosity Foil Heathered Black Black and Purple Taupe. I ordered the foil. I think only the purple was uploaded in Canada.

Everlux To the Beat Reflective Tight 24" in Tempo Splatter Adobe Dust and Obsidian Black. I might consider these if they were made of Nulux but the $148 price tag is off-putting.

Everlux To the Beat Tight 24"

Ride and Reflect Bra in Adobe Dust, Ruby Red, and pretty Cameo.

To the Beat Bra in Purple Taupe.

Ride and Reflect Tank in Cameo and Black.

To the Beat Tee in Luminosity Foil Print Heathered Metal Gray Silver Foil and Heathered Black. The US only got the Silver.

To the Beat Sweatshirt in Antique Bark and Core Gray. This is fug.

Ride and Reflect Jacket in Adobe Dust and Black. I don't care for this jacket at all.

To the Beat Tank in Heathered Silky and Heathered Black.

The To The Beat Duffel is really cute but so pricey at $198.

Soul Cycle Light Speed Socks. 

For the men - Reflective Brushstroke print Soul Cycle Pace Breakers.

Rib Wunder Under Tight in Dark Olive and Stream Blue.

Sonic Pink Free to Be Serene Bra. I ordered this. 

In the Clear Jacket in Silver Lilac and Black.

Breeze Swiftly LS in Purple Quartz and Sheer Blue Black White.

Misty Mint Energy Bra

Malachite So Sherpa Jacket. Blech.

Edge Stripe Jacquard Blueprint Ruby Define

Dance Studio Pant III in Antique Bark

We also got the Lunar New Year items - Artisan Spring Energy Bra, Free to Be, and Wunder Unders.

Easy As Sunday Tote

 Real Feel Bodysuit in Misty Merlot.

Brick Rose Wunder Unders.

Lots of cute (if pricey) items today. I got the foil Soul Cycle Muscle Tank and Sonic Pink Free to Be Serene Bra - did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Did not like the co-lab at all. Colors hideous to me.

I got the sonic pink Free To Be Serene bra in the store last week. So great to have a bright FTBS.

Today, again in the store I got the lazurite Run Times Short and l/s Swiftly. Love the lazurite color. I compared to bruised berry. lazurite is like a deep electric blue. bruised berry definitely more purple. Both nice colors imho.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the text alignment on the ride and reflect tights--did they not try them out on a bike before the release? When a woman sits on a bike, the text is upside down! Oh, Lulu.

melissa said...

I don't do Soulcycle but I absolutely love the ride and reflect pants and the bag.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:04 pm - I know what you mean about a bright FTBS. I've been waiting forever for a color that isn't another mauve or wine color.

Anonymous said...

The collection looks really cute but I don't think I'll be getting anything. I've spent most of my time begging Lulu to bring back the Stopover Jacket, even if it's just through a warehouse sale. I tried to purchase it on Black Friday, but their website issues screwed me over and I lost the chance to grab one in my size! It's only available on the European website now, but Lulu restricts customers from buying off international websites. Hopefully it makes a comeback!

Jamiebetker said...

@luluaddict how do you like that foil tank? How is the material?

LuluAddict said...

@Jamie - I really like it! I just took the tags off today to wear to the gym for a session on the bike. I am toying with the idea of getting a second one. The material is soft and is breathable.