Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Speed Up Tights in Luminosity Foil Black and Silver.

Luminosity Foil Black Energy Bra

Painted Paisley Silver Ice Black Energy Bra and Wunder Unders

Easy Coast Wrap in Misty Merlot

Flocked Define in Dark Adobe and Black

Flocked Cool Racerback

Flocked Energy BRa

Flocked Wunder Unders

Frosted Rose Multi Fast and Free Tights 28". I ordered these but not sure I'll keep.

Frosted Rose Multi Scuba

Frosted Rose Multi Sculpt Tank

Frosted Rose Multi Speed Up Short

Frosted Rose Multi Energy Bra. The latest Energy bra colors are now coming in size 14. The Free to Be Serenes started coming in 14s a couple of weeks ago.

Frosted Rose Multi Fast and Free Crops

Frosted Rose Multi Speed Up Crops

Frosted Rose Multi Luxtreme Wunder Unders

Silver Spoon and Black So Sherpa Hoodie

 Rest Less Hoodie Gatsby Blue

Sonic Pink, Purple Quartz, and Blue Haze Breeze Swiftly LS.

Blue Haze Rest Less Pullover

Coco Pique and Black Brisk Running Half Zip

Black Wooly Wunder Turtleneck. I'm tempted by this but I'll wait to see it in the store.

Blue Haze Swiftly Breeze SS

Coast Hoodie True Navy

Smokey Blush Apres Your Way Sweater in Cashlu

Apres Your Way Jogger

Sparkle Swiftly in Violet Red/White

Sparkle Swiftly Tanks

Sonic Pink Serve Up Some Sun UPF SS

Scuba Hoodie Plush in Dark Adobe

Luminosity Foil Hottie Hot and Speed Up Shorts

Toasty Tech Tight IIs in Cyber

Black Metallic City Adventure Backpack

I ordered quite a few things tonight - the Frosted Rose Multi Fast and Frees, a pair of Variegated Knit Wunder Unders, the Toasty Tech Tights in Black, and a Spanish Rose Energy bra. Did you get anything today?