Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Incognito Camo Multi Gator Green 21" Aligns - I ordered these.

Fast and Free Crops in Incognito Camo Multi Gray. I ordered these to try. I love my Aligns in this print but they're hot for the gym.

Dark Sport Red Fast and Free Crop.

Incognito Camo Gator Green Speed Up Shorts

Cool Racerback II in Black Incognito Camo. I ordered this to try. I haven't been wearing CRBs much anymore but thought I'd give it a try again.

There is also a nulu version of the Incognito Camo Multi Gray CRB. It looks blue in this photo, though. I ordered this just in case it is a blue version and to compare the nulu CRB to the regular light luon one.

Pretty new red - Dark Sport Red Scuba. 

New Rest Less Mock Necks in Hydrangea and Dark Adobe.

Very pretty Dark Olive Rest Less Pullover, with a new pattern.

Dusty Pink and Dark Red Swiftly SS

Dark Sport Red Love Crew

Blissful Pink Swiftly Breeze

The Black Hooded Defines have been restocked. These are made of nulu. I bought one awhile ago and love it to pieces. I want another one but am waiting for another color that will go with all my print bottoms.

Royal Emerald Breeze Swiftly. There is already a Green Jasper one that is very close to this. So bizarre they cluster colors like this sometimes.

Everlux Movement to Movement Jacket in Dark Sport Red, Titanium Gray, and Cyber.

Run Smoothly 7/8 Tight, made of nulux, shown in Black and Titanium.

Run Smoothly 7/8 Crop in Dark Sport Red

Dark Adobe Energy Bra

Dark Sport Red/Black Breeze By LS

Brisk Running Hoodie in Rulu.

Dance Studio Jacket Rib Sleeve in Misty Merlot and Dark Sport Red

Dark Adobe Down for It All Jacket

Energy Bra Strapped

Keep the Fleece tech fleece Tight

Run Smoothly Short

Ventilate Jacket. I saw this in Vancouver during SeaWheeze. It's made of thick Swiftly-type material.

Neon Blossom Run All Day Backpack. Fast and Frees are coming in this print.

Meisai Ice Gray Black Aligns

Moonphase Align Joggers

Align Shorts in Dark Adobe

A pretty nice upload. I ordered way too much today - did you get anything?

PS - I just noticed a "new" Rulu LS was uploaded, the Runderful. It also goes up to size 14. I ordered the black one to try. This is a very expensive month for me. Whoever is coming up with the product mix is doing a great job - it's a nice mix of functional pieces in sophisticated colors. My bank account is crying.

Rulu Runderful LS