Monday, March 19, 2018

Australian Spoilers

SE Swiftly Tank and LS

Splatter Dye Dusty Dawn Love Tank

Light Horizon Speed Up Bra

SE Sculpt Tank

What's in the Stores - Tulle, Kascade, Fractal, Shibori Prints and More

lululemon st-martins-tulle energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
The St. Martins collab prints - Tulle Energy Bra and Wunder Under Tight.

lululemon st-martins-kascade energy-bra-wunder-under-tight

lululemon st-martins-kascade energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
Kascade Energy Bra and Wunder Under Tight

lululemon st-martins-quartize energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
Quartize Energy Bra and Wunder Under Tight

lululemon st-martins-fractal-speed energy-bra-wunder-under-tight
On the left, Fractal Nulux Energy Bra and Fractal Speed Nulux Wunder Unders.

lululemon vert-shibori
Vert Shibori Wunder Unders

lululemon it's-a-tie-ls on-the-fly-short tonic-sea
I think this is the Sea Breeze It's A Tie LS, shown with On the Fly Shorts.

lululemon tonic-sea wild-twist-ls stress-less-jogger

lululemon tonic-sea wild-twist-ls stress-less-jogger
Tonic Sea Wild Twist LS and Nimbus Stress Less Joggers

lululemon poolside-swiftly train-times

lululemon poolside-swiftly train-times
Poolside/Back Swiftly Tank and Wee Space Train Times

lululemon wild-twist-ls
Wild Twist LS, Free to Be Serene Bra, and Time to Sweat Crops

lululemon so-merlot-align swiftly-hooded

lululemon so-merlot-align swiftly-hooded
So Merlot Train Times and Nebula Hooded Zipper Swiftly LS

lululemon back-into-it-ls rejuvenate-scarf
 Back Into It LS and Rejuvenate Scarf

lululemon dragonfly-ss
 Dragonfly Swiftly SS

lululemon pearl-pink-free-to-be-serene-tank so-merlot-align
Pearl Pink Free to Be Serene Tank and So Merlot Aligns

lululemon take-it-easy-pant free-to-be-moved-bra
Take It Easy Pant and Free to Be Moved Bra

Color Comparison - Pearl Pink vs. Vintage Pink and Pretty Pink

lululemon pearl-pink-free-to-be-serene-bra
I got my Pearl Pink Free to Be Serene Bra last week and love it. I don't own some of the older light pinks like Pig Pink and Bubblicious anymore but here is Pearl compared to Vintage and vintage Pretty Pink.