Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Hinshu Alpine White Multi Fast and Free Tights, Speed Up Shorts, Tracker Shorts, and Energy Bra. I ordered the Fast and Frees.

Persian Red Define

Non Stop Bombers in Teal Shadow and Redwood

Teal Shadow Like a Glove Jacket

Time to Sweat Bra in Eucalyptus and Hinshu Alpine White Multi

Carry Onward Rucksack in Teal Shadow

Reversible Choose a Side Shorts in Sea Green and Quicksand

Sharp Turn Tights and Crops

Dusty Dawn Train Times Tight

Heathered Vermillion Meant to Move LS

New Cool Racerback Colors in Kitakami Vermillion print, Faint Lavender, Persian Red, and Porcelain Pink.

Persian Red and Pearl Pink Sculpt Tank

Moroccan Blue Energy Bra

Lilac Quartz Side Story Tank

Persian Red and Moroccan Blue Fast and Free Crops

Moroccan Blue Fast and Free Tights

Persian Red Swiftly Tank

It's a Tie LS

Porcelain Pink LS Swiftly

Heathered Ultra Light Gray Love Tank

Splatter Dye Love Tee

Just the Fast and Frees for me today. I also ordered the Heathered Black Stride Jacket II a few days ago after I got the black one I ordered last week and really liked it. Anything for you today?