Friday, January 26, 2018

SeaWheeze Lottery Entry - What Do You Think?

SeaWheeze went to a lottery entry this year instead of the typical server-crashing first come, first served system. People had a 24 hour window to enter their email yesterday and then names were chosen and notification was given at 4 pm today. The old system was stressful but it did reward the most motivated, people who were able to block out time and have multiple devices going, or who had friends that could enter for them if they were busy. I know many, many people who were able to enter the race four, five, and six years running under that system. This year, hardly any of my friends and family got entries so far. There are numerous stories on the boards where only one or two people in a group of friends got in and, I have to say, I hardly recognize any of the names of the people who've posted they are going. I guess it's great that the race is going to get new blood but I am going to miss the yearly meet up with far-flung friends I've met through the lulu groups. I'm hoping they'll be able to get bibs by race time. I know other lottery systems, like Nike, used to allow you to register a team where if one name is chosen the whole group gets in. At least that way you have some travel buddies. Perhaps lululemon wants to consider doing something like that for next year but my vote would probably be to go back to the old system.