Monday, December 31, 2018


Blazer Blue Scuba

Blazer Blue and Sheer Lilac Define

Cozy Instincts Dress

No Inhibitions Tee

New Horizon Multi Free To Be Serene Bra

Red Alert and Carbon Blue Swiftly

Silver Lilac Swiftly SS

Peach Gold and Shiny Black Everywhere Belt Bag

Real Crop Tee En Avante

Reveal Tight En Avante

Mineral Blue All Day Duffel

A pretty small upload today. Nothing for me - did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

88 dollars for a bra made of of rayon...this brand is hilarious. I'm so turned off at this point. Everything is so bland and predictable, and the prices are ridiculous for what's offered. Way cuter and more functional stuff elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Most of the product that came out this year would actually have been designed under Lee ,so lets see how 2019 pans out.

Aimee said...

Is there no post for the upload on the 24th?

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. I haven't been excited about new releases in a while. It's good to see Deep Rouge back, and I hope to see more of it this year.

S said...

Where do you think is better?

Anonymous said...

Hope to see more of the mineral blue color!