Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Coco Pique Run Briskly Half Zip

Screen Camo Fast and Free 25" Tights. I'm debating getting these.

Screen Camo Multi Scuba. I'm tempted to get it but it's been so warm I still haven't taken the tags off my Incognito Camo one yet.

Sleet Street Jacket.

Dark Olive Sleet Street Vest

Black Cherry Brave the Cold Jacket

Arctic Plum Free to Be Serene Bra

Nocturnal Teal Free to Be Serene Bra

Zoned In LS. I'd be tempted to try this but I find the Swiftlys warm enough for my climate and this looks warmer than that.

Zoned In Tight in Moonphase.

Pacific Breeze Swiftly LS

Swiftly Wool Tight. These look like a nice layer for skiing.

Insulated Rain Haven Jacket

Rain Rules Jacket in Black Night

Star Ruby Define

Nothing for me right now but I am thinking of getting the Arctic Plum Free to Be Serene Bra and/or the Screen Camo Multi Scuba. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Eyeing that Zoned in LS. Want to see it in person first though.

Unknown said...

Ordered the zone in tights and the swiftly wool tights. Hoping the swiftly wools are TTS.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with her knee in the zoned out tights?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:49 am - People were speculating it's either a weird photoshop thing or the model has some knee issue since it appears in a number of other photos of various tight styles. If it's not photoshop you would think it's something she needs to get addressed.