Tuesday, September 25, 2018


New patterns in the Rest Less Pullover - Black White and Iron Purple are shown. I saw them in my store this morning. 

Wool Swiftlys are back. My wool swiftly half zip came in handy this weekend in Vancouver, where is was rainy and chilly for the Sunset Festival.

Flowerescent Multi Lemon Ice SE Scallop Wunder Unders.

Wake and Train Long Line Bra, shown in Flowerescent and Star Ruby.

Find Focus Bra

City Adventure Backpack Mini, Jacquard Camo. I saw this in my store today. It doesn't have the separate little wet bag for wet items. 

Floral Bloom Star Ruby Luxtreme Wunder Unders

Like Nothing Bra

Pacific Breeze Set the Course SS

Rosewood Influx Jacket

Star Ruby Aligns

Star Ruby Set the Course Tank

Tonic Teal Gait Keeper Jacket

Pelt Rain Haven Jacket

On Track Crew

Camo Huddle and Hustle Jacket

Dusty Pink Swiflty SS

Cadet Blue Ready to Rulu Tights

Very Light Flare Front of the Pack Half Zip

Nothing for me today - did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Really liking the new patterns in the Restless Pullover. I didn't buy one last year because I didn't like the feel of them - are the new releases any softer? Also would love to see a Fast and Free Crop in the Flowerescent Multi Lemon Ice - Keeping my fingers crossed. Otherwise nothing wowed me.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - I bought the dark court purple half zip and it felt fairly soft to me. Not as soft as my gray one from a couple of years ago but decently soft.

Anonymous said...

did anyone happen to see the fast n free in a new 28" length in the incognito camo slip into the sores...and very quickly disappear? not on website.

with some extra effort, I managed to buy one. so excited.

sylvs said...

are you going to have a post on sea wheeze?

Anonymous said...

Saw the Restless PO in the store this week. They are super short and tight. Horrible. Worse than last year's version.

I must really be "over" Lulu as walking into the store, there was literally nothing there I would take home with me or had to have. Haven't enjoyed or liked uploads in ages and pretty much 99% of the time I forget to check the website for the new stuff or for WMTM additions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08: I just called a store and they had a pair in my size so I have a pair on their way to me as well. Seems like they should make it to upload at some point though. But you never know with Lulu. I like the F&F's but not sure about the extra length on these. I wish they were the 25" normal length and not the 28"

Anonymous said...

anon@11:02am...you are going to love them! The extra length is good for fall. I have short legs and they fit perfectly. I LOVE them.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:41 - My "fall" weather is mid to upper 80's vs the summer temps of 100+ so still too warm for them. My winter is basically crop weather, hence my hesitation on the longer length. Don't need it and with my long inseam, they will fall at the awkward "not crops, not full length tights" area so probably not going to keep them.