Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Green Jasper Hooded Swiftly

Lemon Ice Swiftly SS

Rain Seeker Jacket in Fire Quartz

Pack It Up Jacket in Assemblage Alpine White Multi

Shibori Scuba Light Jackets - really liking this.

Pick Your Path Jacket, made of Spacer fabric.

Dance Studio Jacket III, in Arctic Plum

Black Satin Woven On the Fly Pant. Black Satin is one of my favorite new colors.

Nulu Contour Jacket in Twillines. I love my Nulu Hooded Define.

Rulu Cypress Kiss LS in Heathered Green Jasper.

Deep Ivy Flare Groove Pants

Green Jasper Sleeveless Love Tank

High Lines Pullover

Seek the Heat SS, in Wildwood print, Black, and Lemon Ice.

Star Ruby Fast and Free Tights

Swing Trench, in True Navy

Unity Back Drop Sweater, made of Cashlu. I really like this.

Smokey Blue Swiftly LS

Savannah Aligns

Lemon Ice Pleated Love Tank. I like the print it's paired with.

Lilac Stone Love Tee

Cross Chill Run Beanie, made of rulu.

Sorry for missing last week's upload, I had to go out of town to help out my parents. Nothing for me this week - I ordered the purple Rest Less Half Zip last week - did you get anything this week?


Anonymous said...

I picked up the Lemon Ice Energy Bra last week in store - am getting the Love Tank Pleated in that color. (Was actually planning on returning the Energy Bra - now I have to keep it even though I have one that's almost identical in color.) I'm a little bit obsessed with the Love Tank Pleated... already have five and Lemon Ice will be six. Uh-oh! Not loving the jackets - wallet will be moderately safe. Holding out for the Tuck and Flow that they keep teasing us with - I missed it the last time around.

Jamiebetker said...

What are your thoughts on spacer fabric? I’ve never bought anything made of it....it feels nice in person but....durability etc? I don’t really even like this jacket made with it but there have been pieces in the past I’ve liked.

Hope all is well with your parents.

Anonymous said...

What is that striped shirt with the Black Satin Woven On the Fly Pant? It seems to be modeled with a lot of bottoms but I don't actually see it on the website.

Unknown said...

Didn't get anything either. Jackets are cute but I'd like to try them on in store. Also love the printed tights with the yellow love tank. Did I miss it or has it not come out yet?

Anonymous said...

This was another expensive night for me.... I got both colors of High Line Pullover, Lemon ice love tank pleated, Unity Back Drop Sweate in Dark Olive, Nulu Contour Jacket in that black and white print, Pick Your Path Jacket in grey and black, and Camo Rain Seeker Jacket.

LuluAddict said...

@Jamie - Thanks. My mom is doing a lot better now. I have three Insculpt Spacer jacket that I like a lot. The material is very breathable yet on the warm side - you can put it on after a sweaty workout and not start to heat up, unlike a luon jacket. I haven't washed them a ton but they seem to be holding up well and haven't pilled.

Anonymous said...

Hideous Jackets. Weird seams and tent-like styles. No thank you. Only like a few colors of old staples. Wow this company is stuck on BORING

Anonymous said...

I would like that Rulu Cypress Kiss top and the Pack it Down vest but they're not available in my country :(

The yellow colour is cute! Yellow doesn't suit me but I can imagine how it might flatter people with other complexions.

amy said...

I got the High Lines pullover in store on Friday, it's amazing! One of my favorite things I've bought from Lulu so far.

Jamiebetker said...

Awwww hope she feels better. Moms are the absolute best ❤️

Yes they do feel more breathable. Like more technical than luon which is cottony type feel. Thank you so much for the insight. May give it a go with something cuter as the season progresses.

Anonymous said...

4:51 pm...with this comment: "What is that striped shirt with the Black Satin Woven On the Fly Pant? It seems to be modeled with a lot of bottoms but I don't actually see it on the website."

I totally agree! I look every week for it & it never shows up. I want that shirt!

Anonymous said...

My purple Rest Less Half Zip finally arrived yesterday. It is lovely. I made it to a store while traveling over the weekend and the Lavender Grey version did not feel as soft and simply looked grey. Happy with my purchase.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's the pissed off look they are making the models have or the bad shoes, the crappy styling or the fact that the clothes just seem to hang funny on them but none of this looks appealing or happy or makes me want to buy it! I almost ignored the new version of the Studio Crops till I tried on in person and they are awesome but look horrible on the website but I'm waiting for them to go to MD since almost everything does nowadays. There's been a few winners that I've bought (the Run Route tank for one) but I had to try on in store because the website isn't really showing anything the best lately.

I don't even want anything from the Seawheeze store and I'm not even sad I'm not running the race anymore :O I've run it for several years in a row and I'm not even gonna miss it. I guess the Lulu addiction has been broken. Lol!

Anonymous said...

It’s the Tuck and Flow

Unknown said...

yuk, yuk...that metalic line is crazy for workout..so many of the lines I have liked, have been discontinued..such a bummer..and I am boycotting Nike, so I hope something I like comes out soon!!