Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Laser Speed Jacket in Dark Court Purple and Citra Lime

Swiftly Breeze in Aries

Love Crew in Aries. I ordered this. So many Love tees come in what I like to call "scrubs" colors so a  brighter one is nice.

Incognito Camo Align Crops. 

Cherry Tint Define

Incognito Run All Day Backpack

Iron Purple Swiftly SS. This color reminds me of Cool Breeze.

Color Crush Multi Fast and Free Tights and Crops. I'm debating ordered these.

Cherry Tint/Rose Tea and Lullaby Energy Bras

Citra Lime Free to Be Serene Bra

Enchanted Iris Attack the Track Short

Find Focus SS in Cherry Tint

Wide Leg On the Fly Pant. I want to try these at the store.

Nulux Final Lap Crops in Savanah

Windmill and Citra Lime Hotty Hot Shorts

Rain Rules Jacket in Locarno

Luxtreme WUPs in Moonphase

Black Satin Exaltation Wrap

Carry Onward Rucksack in Black Cherry

Heathered Red Dust Vinyasa

Laser Speed Tank in Savanah

Cute True Crew Sock in Tie Dye Pink

Bootcut Groove Pants. I ordered these.

The Love Crew and the Bootcut Groove Pants for me - did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Interested to know what you think of the new Grooves.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me—but I’m tempted by the Laser Speed Tank and Strappy Swiftly. I’m concerned a sports bra under a full-lux tank would be too uncomfortable. Does it bother anyone else that the photo of the black one also has the model wearing a black bra, so you can’t see where the top ends and the bra begins? Drives me nuts. Also, I’m afraid the Strappy Swiftly would rise up too much, as I like them super tight.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:39 am - I'm hoping I like them. My other grooves, bought in the time of Tinted Canvas print so from 2011 (!), are getting old. I really like them for bumming around the house/running errands. I am not a fan of the bigger flare style so I hope the boot cut are nice. I know already I'll have to hem them since 32" is way too long for me.

Anonymous said...

I wish they still made the Groove Pant with the seam down the back. I order the boot cut as well and will have to hem too.