Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Store Photos: Lululemon 20 YR Collection Wunder Unders, Scuba, and More.

Dang, this photo makes me want to order the 20 YR manifesto WUPs.

The Embossed 20 Yr Anniversary Manifesto Energy Bra and Wunder Unders.

Close up of the anniversary manifesto.

The anniversary Wunder Unders.

Anniversary Scuba and WUPS plus that foil print Energy Bra. This photo really mades me order the Crinkle Heather Brindle High Shine Foil Energy Bra. 

Anniversary WUPS

The men's anniversary items.

Special tags for the anniversary clothes.

There are new shopper totes for the anniversary, too.


Amy said...

That scuba looks so cozy.

Anonymous said...

It's all so ugly. The big block letters and dates/anniversary year is just tacky looking. I don't want their manifesto all over the clothing either. Which brings up another point, they've done manifesto print throughout the years (and it never sold well) so this isn't new or innovative or even special. The decisions this company makes astounds me.

Anonymous said...

Anniversary shorts for women would have interested me.

Unknown said...

Why would I spend more money to be a walking Lululemon advertisement? I don't get it??

Elva Barajas said...

Are these bags going to be the bags going forward? Or are they just for the anniversary?

Unknown said...

Such an amazing reddddd namaste �� Lululemon happy birthday !!!