Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Blossom Spritz Wunder Under Crop

Blossom Spritz Tracker Short

Blossom Spritz Play Off the Pleats Skirt

Blossom Spritz Pace Rival Skirt

Barracks Green Breeze By Muscle Tank. I am super tempted by this.

Violetta Swiftly Breeze SS. I am tempted to get this one, too.

Dual Shibori Baltic Gray/Antique White Wunder Unders

Dual Shibori Misty Moss Sea Steel Energy Bra

Sage Speed Up Short

Frosty Love Tee

Heathered Rose Run Off Route Tank

It's a Wash LS

Swiflty SS in Rip Tide

Everyday Skirt, made of Swift.

Blue Glow Hotty Hot and Speed Up Shorts

Dark Chrome Pushing Limits Bra

Figue Speed Up Short

Smoked Mulberry Tracker Short

Sea Steel Fast and Free Crop

Sage In Movement Crop and Tight

Smoked Mulberry In Movement Crop

Vintage Grape Train Times

Smoked Mulberry Twist and Train Tank

Canada got a couple of Free To Be Serene Bras the US didn't - Fluro Citrus and Shadowed Smoked Mulberry.

I might order the Violetta Breeze Swiftly SS - did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I grabbed the Dark Olive Brunswick Muscle Tank in a size down. I've been getting a ton of wear out of the black one I ordered! I find myself reaching for it multiple times a week, which is clue I need more colors! I prefer the dark colors in this.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Violetta Breeze Swiftly, first one I have bought and look forward to wearing it. I do find the fabric a little thicker, especially on the collar, sleeve and bottom hems. Do you notice this LA?

Anonymous said...

Will the old, much beloved lululemon ever return........or is it forever lost??????
I'm so sad.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:53 pm- I'm not sure about that. It could be a function of the newer material. I think it seems to snag less than my older swiftlys.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous June 19, 2018 at 4:48 PM
Exactly. Practical. Versatile, Feminine, Pinch Edgy, & Quality.

"It's a Wash LS" = Odious, Odious!

Anon. said...

Just no... No all of this. Is this stuff they forgot to post in May? Spring floral v2

Livvy said...

Ugh... why a drawstring on the skirt??? Totally ruins it! Would have bought it...

voyanimg said...

The Blossom Spritz pattern is pretty. I'd like to see the material in person though.

Anonymous said...

I tried on the blossom spritz WUC’s in store today. It’s a pretty pattern but looked too much like pyjama bottoms on. I get the occasional lulu piece now but nothing like old lulu. I have let go of the hope of it returning...

Anonymous said...

I don't think the old lulu is coming back. the whole athleisure thing is already over saturated. I am still waiting to see what all these companies like LULU will do when the next wave of fashion kicks in.
I am seeing a lot of new companies pushing natural fibers.