Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Fast and Free Inversion Multi. I like this print but it's pretty loud so I'll have to see it in person before I buy.

Inversion Multi Speed Up Crop

Inversion Multi Sun Runner Crop

Inversion Multi Hotty Hot Short

Inversion Multi Speed Up Short

Inversion Muli Run Times

Inversion Multi Energy Bra

Swiftly Breeze in Sage. Gah, lululemon is killing my bank account this month. I ordered this Breeze Swiftly top, too. I love these.

Scuba Pullover in Washed Quicksand and Washed Blue Charcoal

Miami Pink Swiftly Tank. There is also a SS version in this color.

Infinity luxtreme WUPS.

Speed Up Anti Stink C/D Bra.

Swerve Santa Fe Vintage Rose Flow Y

Wild Amber Sculpt Tank. I'd love a FTBS bra in this color.

Vivid Amber WUCs

Vivid Amber Run Times

Fuchsia Align Crop

Fuschia Fast and Free Crops

Fuchsia Sun Runner Crop

Fuchsia WUCs

Miami Pink Free To Be Serene Bra. I already got a Pearl Pink FTBS earlier this year. I don't know why they keep releasing such similar colors in the FTBS bras.

Stillness Wrap. WTF is this look, lol.

Moody Blue Tight Stuff Tight

Moss Rose Ebb to Street Tank

Pearl Pink Let It Slip Tank

Fuchsia Real Quick Short

Shadowed Smokey Ponytail Baller Cap

Baller Translucent Bra. I wear hats to block the sun but okay.

Blossom Spritz Baller

Washed Marsh Baller Cap

Yet another Breeze Swiftly for me today. Did you get anything?


Unknown said...

More hideous prints. Who buys these? They all get flushed into WMTM - you'd think they'd clue in and focus more on timeless solids, not flash-in-the-pan prints that are unflattering and cheap-looking :/

LuluAddict said...

@Anita - I definitely see the new print hitting WMTM, especially in tights/crops. It's not a bad summer print in shorts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the silly cheap looking prints....as I said in their survey, they need to go in and see what items are being sold second hand at pretty hefty prices....dsp I and ii huge sellers, can’t give the iii away or the align I or ii .....the current designers must hate women

Anonymous said...

I swear I read "Stillness Wrap" as "Silliness Wrap" lol

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the Miami Pink and the Pearl Pink side by side. They look awfully similar online.

Rise and Shine said...

Blossom Spritz has some potential. The other "Sweatr" style print is fug. And very non-Lulu. Like Nike or some crap.

Nothing for me again. I like the brighter colors, and the slip tank isn't bad, but none of it meets my workout needs. I'm spending more time on the ice, so flowy, dance-inspired looks are good, but tanks that ride up when I do a camel spin are no good.

Anonymous said...

It drives me nuts when they drop a color in one thing and nothing else. Love that Washed Marsh in the Baller Cap - I'm a sucker for greens - but why isn't it in any clothing? Similar to Dragonfly (which finally did come in shorts , a shortsleeve and a bra), I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it came in a tank.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see blossom spritz and/or shadowed smoked mulberry in fast & free tights

LuluAddict said...

@Rise - when I first saw that print it reminded me of an Athleta one from last summer.

@ anon 4:44 pm - I've seen the two colors side by side in Swiftlys. Miami Pink is fairly close to shell pink. The bras look a like more similar in color on the website than the swiftlys imo.

Breanna said...

Agreed with everyone else on the prints. I don't mind a print, but 90% of the ones Lulu has come out with in the past year are just hideous to me or just simply too loud. If the blossom print comes out in some tights, I might be interested in those though.

What bothers me is how some of the colours will only release in the full or 7/8 version of a tight, while it doesn't show up in the crops until weeks later (if at all). I have ridiculously short legs so crops are usually the right length for me. I know I can get some hemmed through the store, but not all pants are the best for that. It's also just a hassle.

Anonymous said...

anon@4:44 pm - I have the pearl pink in a bra. Beautiful pastel pink. Clean color. The Miami Pink is a bit candy/bright for me.

LuluAddict said...

@ Breana - I'm waiting for the Eternal Wave Starlight print to come in Fast and Free Tights. The foreign markets have them but so far North America has only gotten the crops. They did something similar with the Hanakotoba print - only released crops in F&Fs but not Tights. The crops roll up on my on one leg (!) for some reason so I don't want to buy them anymore. Or, they could lengthen the F&F crops. I feel you on not paying the money for tights just to have to hem them.

Anonymous said...

That's some serious wonky photoshopping on those pants in the Stillness Wrap pic. That's all I have to say about the drop this week other than I am not buying anything!

Anonymous said...

I am debating between pearl pink and miami pink in that bra too! I don't really want "bright"/neon so looks like pearl pink is a better bet. My local store has both colors in stock in my size but I won't be able to make it over there til Friday, hmm...

suss said...

where is the yellow scuba?

Anonymous said...

where is the yellow scuba?