Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Smoked Mulberry Aligns

Smoked Mulberry/Violetta Energy Bra with a new print previewed in Hotty Hot shorts.

Ruby Red Twist and Toil Tank

Modal French Terry Every Movement Pant, shown in Sea Steel and Vapor.

Berry Mist/Black Swiftly SS. 

Blow Glow Nulu CRB. I'm waiting for those pants print to get here.

Blue Glow Stash and Run Tank

Brilliant Blue Essential Tank

Dark Olive Love Crew

Eton Blue Hi Rise Speed Up Shorts

Glossy On Pace LS

Glossy Scuba

Glossy Sculpt Tank

Teal Blue Fast and Free

Spring Break Away

Mesh on Mesh Jacket

Long Line Energy Bra in Blue Glow

Ruby Wine Miles Ahead Tank

Back Into It LS in Moody Blues

Ace Tank in Jasmine/White

All Tied Up Tank Expression. I saw this in the store last week. The embroidery is rather scratchy on the back side.

Ruby Red Fast and Free Tights

Heathered Petals Knot a Problem Tank

Nothing for me today. I'm waiting for that new blue print to show up in Fast and Frees in North America. Did you get anything?

PS - I'm not sure when these uploaded but one of the eds at my store made sure to mention them to me the other week. They're Fast and Free tights minus the reflective dots:


Anonymous said...

So excited to see the hi-rise speeds back. I ordered them in black.

Rise and Shine said...

Nothing from the upload, though I'm considering one or two of the new colors of Pace Rivals, but I picked up a Lilac Scuba IV on sale in a store the other night. I'm really liking it. I've been relying on the two Scuba IIs I own, because I think the III and IV are inferior, but the color is great, and it's nice to have something new. Plus, it was reduced to $79, which is a more appropriate price for the thin Scuba IV. First thing I've bought in a few months.

Anonymous said...

The F&F tights without the dots uploaded back in March.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:23 pm - thanks!