Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Breeze By Muscle Tank II in Glossy. Be careful when you order because the site has the first version with the waist-deep armholes in other colors. Only the Glossy and Black are the new version (on the US site). I ordered this in both new colors to try. I'm hoping the black isn't too see through. I bought a SS Breeze By top a few weeks ago and really like it.

Lucid Lime Original CRB.

Lucid Lime Speed Up Short

Lucid Lime Pace Rival Skirt

Lucid Lime Swiftly SS.

Glossy Breeze Swiftly LS. Love the Breeze version of the Swiftlys.

New Breeze Swiftly SS, shown in Teal and white. I ordered a black one. I ordered a black Breeze By SS last week that still hasn't arrived, but I think I'd rather have the Breeze Swiftly instead since the material is opaque. I'll make the call when I have them both.

Love Crew in Eton Blue. 

Bomb Around Jacket in Monochromatic

Swift Keep It Classic Crop

Monochromatic Aligns. These popped up in store photos last week.

Pacific Teal Ebb to Street Tank

On Pace UPF tops in both LS and SS.

On Pace Crop, shown in Sun Dazed. These are Nulux. I'm curious to try these.

Sun Dazed Free to Be Serene Bra

Tracker Short in Sun Dazed

Wunder Under Crop in Sun Dazed

Baller Cap

Nulu Flow Y in Washed Mesh

Lean In LS

It was a pricey day for me - the two Breeze By tanks and the SS Breeze Swiftly top. Did you get anything today?


Unknown said...

I was in store today and tried on the new spring break away shorts.. I love the originals! The new ones are garbage!! They made them high rise and the waist band is the rough elastic. I don't know who would want high rise casual shorts.

Sam S. said...

I am sure I am late to the punch on this one but WHY is the enlight bra $98 usd ?!

Anonymous said...

How close is the new lucid lime color to antidote?

LuluAddict said...

@ Sam - it's super high tech. ;)

@ anon 4:37 pm - I need to compare them. It looks fairly close.