Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Sea Breeze Wrap It Back Sweater

Storm Blue Hot Mesh Jacket

Dusty Dawn Swiftly SS

Speed Up Bra in Light Horizon and Heathered Black

Free to Be Wild Bra in Teal Shadow. I hope the Free to Be Serene will come in this color.

Cool Breeze Play Off the Pleats LS

Quicksand Mix and Mesh SS

Dark Forest Swiftly LS

Dragonfly Stash and Run Bra

Above the Clouds Jacket in Evergreen

Breezy Ready and Go Tank

Deep Phantom Fast and Free Tight

Memoir Multi Green Fast and Free Tight and Crop. I'm crossing fingers the purple version will come in the F&Fs, too.

Porcelain Define Jacket

Pixie Floral So Merlot Scuba

Enlite Bra in Tanzanite

Run Times in Spirit Green/Katakami print.

Low Key LS burnout tops.

Persian Blue Play Off the Pleats Skirt

Persian Blue Speed Up Short

Coastline One Piece in Red Orange

Coastline Paddle Suit

Coastline Rashguard in Efflorescent

Deep Sea Top

Deep Sea High Waist Bottom

Unchartered Waters Top and Bottom

Coastline Bottoms

Coastline Top

Lots of cute things uploaded this week but I didn't order anything - did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

I have the new phantom color in F&F tight and it’s so faint and dark it could pass for black unless in direct sunlight. It’s darker than boysenberry with a more rich purple. Its very subtle.

Anonymous said...

Waited so long for good blues and greens and they're all in styles I have no use for or would never wear.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Persian blue skirt comes to Australia, it is gorge!

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of this even comes close to being cute. Tops/jackets are still way too short. The patterns are not something I would wear or they've changed the fit so much that its horrible (speed up shorts/crops/tights, Run Times II) that I no longer buy what used to be staple items.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:38 am - I mostly like the swim stuff when I said it was cute - the print rashguard, one piece, coastline top, and coastline bottom.

Anonymous said...

Quicksand. mix and mesh to and Hot mesh jacket for me. Good upload imo

Anonymous said...

I bought the Dragonfly Stash and Run bra because I heart Dragonfly. I can wear it under my zillion black tanks. On the fence about the Ready and Go Tank - which I love - but I already own a couple (in Flash and Toothpaste) so how many do I really need?

CB said...

Crossing my fingers that Train Times 7/8 comes in Strive Multi in the States! Been looking for leggings in that print for forever!

CB said...

If there was a way for us to purchase for each other and swap! I really want the Train Times 7/8 in Strive Multi!

Anonymous said...

@ 7:38 AM
Yes, I agree, yet another upload with so many too-short tops. There have been so many items lately - including the wrap back sweater and the hot mesh jacket - that I would have really liked if they had been at least hip length. Even being only 5'1" I really hate it when my tops expose my skin when I lift my arms. It is distracting and looks terrible when running!

Yes, I am super intrigued by that one-piece swim suit.. hoping someone will post a fit review! I have had terrible experiences with Lulu swimwear over the years. If I can actually find something that fits larger than an A cup the fabric is usually too thin or unsupportive for my taste and shows everything under it.

Rise and Shine said...

Hey, LLA, just wanted to send you a message to say I hope that everything is ok. It's not often you take time off, and I'm just hoping that it's the usual life stuff - or a vacation - and not anything serious.

Have a wonderful Easter.

LuluMama007 said...

@luluaddict I was wondering if you remembered the name of an item. It was like a pullover/hoodie with hug slits on each side. It recently got marked down I think and I wasn't able to purchase and forgot the name of it to even search in store. Help please!

LuluAddict said...

Hi Rise and Shine - thanks for checking on me! I was out of town traveling back east last week and the time change wiped me out for doing any blogging. I'll be covering the upload this week, though.

Sandy W. said...

yay! Looking forward to your next post! I was worried as well. You've been missed!

Anonymous said...

What are "Foreign Site Spoilers"? Does this mean that these items will be posted online to the website soon? (I'm in US)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:42 pm - they're new, never seen before items that appear on the UK, Hong Kong, and Australian sites. Most items usually show up in the US/Canada shortly after.