Monday, March 19, 2018

Australian Spoilers

SE Swiftly Tank and LS

Splatter Dye Dusty Dawn Love Tank

Light Horizon Speed Up Bra

SE Sculpt Tank


Anonymous said...

I have zero desire to wear the LLL logo across my chest.

Anonymous said...

Same Anon @ 8:00! Horrible. I prefer not to be a walking billboard for companies and this big logo plastered on the front of stuff is a big turn off for me. As is the "Lululemon" word they've put on stuff too. Reminds me of the "Juicy" across the butt trend in those velour track suits in the 90's. No thanks.

Rise and Shine said...

Since I wear Scubas and Swiftlies, I can't complain too loudly about wearing the Lulu logo prominently, but I do think the recent attempts to put the logo/name all over the clothes brings down the status of the brand. It looks cheap and rather desperate in a Nike/Under Armor kind of way.