Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Translucence Alpine Multi Fast and Free Tight. I ordered these.

Vivid Flame Scuba

Major Mint Energy Bra

Mystic Green Align (CAN)

Pink Paradise/Lavender Blue Swiftly LS, SS, and SL

Porcelain Pink and Light Coral Love Tanks

Ruby Red Define jacket.

Silver Spoon Pique Wunder Under Crop

Tied to You Jacket

Tied to You Pullover

Vivid Flame Swiftly LS

Vivid Flame Trackers and Speed Up Shorts

Train Times Shorts in Bonfire

Cloud Crush Jacket

Gait Keeper Short Sleeve in Bonfire

Keep Your Form Bra in City Lights Multi

Keep Your Form Tight in City Lights Multi

Jet Stream Cool Racerback

Tight Stuff Tight in Jet Stream

Just the Fast and Free Tights for me today - did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

I loooooove the Ruby Red Define..but at 150 with tax (canada), I can't justify as I wouldn't wear it enough. I'm on the fence with the pink paradise swiftly. I have two different purple ones already..too close?

Anonymous said...

I remember last year at this time when everyone complained that Lulu wasn't releasing enough colored items; I guess they finally listened this time around, haha. While the new colors are gorgeous, I find that I don't have the same zeal to pay for full-priced Lulu items like I used to. I usually always buy my stuff on WMTM, or on secondhand sites like Poshmark and Mercari. I rediscovered my love for old Lulu; I'm actually trying to hunt down that Inkwell/Inky Floral Scuba hoodie in my size, and it's really tough, haha. However, that Ruby Red Define Jacket is really tempting. I might have to make an exception.

Anonymous said...

I like some of the colors they are releasing, but they discontinued all my favorite items (original CRB, Tracker II and III versions, and I could go on and on) so I won't be buying. I've been so disappointed with some of the new crops/leggings and shorts, and tops!