Tuesday, January 9, 2018

NEW! Yin Poncho

lululemon yin-poncho

lululemon yin-poncho

lululemon yin-poncho
Spotted in Canadian stores - new Yin Poncho (thanks to Ms. K. for her photos).


Rise and Shine said...

Ooh, that looks promising. Of course, I won't be able to wear it until June, but ... still looks pretty.

Penny Koval said...

Just grabbed one in RDWO at the Wailea, HI store and it is amazing! Lightweight (the on the go poncho is super heavy) and elegant and this is such a beautiful maroon/purple color

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen this in my store yet, I will keep and eye out! Also - I'm wondering if you're going to do a 2017 "Year in Review" like 2016?

Yogini Kitten said...

Oh I wonder when or if this will show up on the east coast. NEEEEEED!