Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Black Friday Deals on WMTM

Lululemon has this link now on the site and it takes you to the WMTM section. There are 233 items in the US and 308 in Canada. There are a few nice buys - $59 Rest Less POs and Half Zips, $89 Fast and Free Tights, $49 Extra Mile LS, $59 Extra Mile Half Zips, among others. Not sure if there will also be new full-priced items uploaded tomorrow or not.

NEW! Nulux Speed Wunder Tights and Warm and Restore Sweater

New nulux Speed Wunder Tights are hitting stores that match the bra in the gift banner. Ms. K. was nice enough to send her try on photos. I really liked the previous version of Speed Wunder Tights, which were made of luxtreme. I wonder if the waistband will be snug enough to keep them up on me.

New wool Warm and Restore Sweater.