Saturday, November 18, 2017

Wunder Under Tight *Sheen, Leader of the Pack Tights, Down for a Run Jacket, and More

New Lxutreme Sheen Wunder Under Tights are hitting stores in the US and Canada.

Gator Green Down for a Run Jacket, Rest Less Pullover, Sheen Wunder Under Tights

Down for a Run Jacket and Splatter Lead the Pack Tights, made of brushed luxtreme.

The funky print previewed with these Defines is hitting North American stores now.

Also, rumor has it reflective gear is coming for Black Friday.

Peony Multi Fast and Free Tights

Black Cherry Swiftly LS, Down for a Run Vest, and Peony Multi Fast and Free Tights. I got my Peony Multi F&F Tights the other day and really like them. I was surprised they didn't fade with stretching. My challenge is going to find tops other than black to pair with it, though I do own a number of orange-tone tops. Below are a couple colors that seem to go really well:

Pink Lemonade Energy Bra  (thanks to Ms. K.  for her photo).

Blush Quartz What the Sport Mesh Tee. This is a bit washed out looking since I took it in the evening with a flash but Blush Quartz goes really well. The print also has some gray tones in it so a lighter gray like slate would look nice, too.

Light As Warmth Jacket, Full Freedom LS, Tech Mesh Tights, and More

Light As Warmth Jacket, Emerald LS, and Mineralize Multi Wunder Under Tights.

Full Freedom Tank and Bra, Full Freedom LS, and Heathered Black Tech Mesh Tights. These photos are from the Hong Kong store so I don't think these items are in North America yet.

Motionful 7/8 Tights, Hold and Let Flow Tank, and Fast as Light Tank.

Toasty Tech Half Zip, Down for a Run Vest, and Motionful 7/8 Tight

Blue Nile Rest Less Pullover, Down for a Run Vest, and Extra Mile Reflective Tights.