Monday, September 11, 2017

Variegated Knit Speed Up Tights, Knot a Problem LS, Rise and Shine Jacket, and More

Nulux Polychromatic Wunder Under Tight

Variegated Knit Speed Up Tight, Midnight Navy Define, Swiftly top, and Go Lightly Duffel Bag.

Knot a Problem LS, Moody Blues Align Tights, and Just Enough Puff Vest

Press Pause Jacket, Love Tee, and Warm Down Jogger

Raise the Barre Tank

Resist the Mist Jacket, Throwback Pant, All Set Convertible Bag, Free to Be Serene Bra, and Love Tee.

Fresh In Mesh Bra and Moody Blues Aligns.

Speed Up Crops

Aeon Sculpt Tank

Sneak Peek

A US store posted this sneak peek of new product. I think the pants might be Aeon In Movement Tights or Shorts. The top is a new Rest Less Half Zip (thanks to reader Lululove for letting us know).

Australian & HK Spoilers

 New colors in the Back in Action Tank in Mystic, Figue, and Lavender Gray. Made of pima cotton.

Back in Action LS in Lavender Gray and Mystic.

Sweat About It Tank in Teal Green, made of Seriously Light Luon.

Run On Tank in Dark Olive, made of UV sweat-wicking material.

Run On Crops and Tights, shown in black. Made of luxtreme. Also comes in Irregular Denim Twill B/W.

Irregular Denim Twill Energy And Free to Be Zen Bras.

Irregular Denim Twill Wunder Under Crops and Tights. The text says these are made of luon. Shown in Black/White and Dark Olive/Black versions.

Run On Jogger, made of Rulu. Shown in Black and Hero Blue.

Hotty Hot Shorts Interlace Alpine White/Black

Irregular Denim Twill Run All Day Backpack

I'm a little behind in updating the HK site. I think this was uploaded last week - Mile Ahead Tank in Black and Deep Camo. I like this. The print looks a bit like the Run for Days from a couple of years ago.

Run On Jacket in Black and Midnight Navy