Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Run the Day Bra, Ready Set Go Tights, and More

Run the Day Bra, Ready Set Go Tight, and Back in Action Tank

Run the Day Bra and Ready Set Go Tight

Run the Day Bra, Reveal Tank, and Naked Hotty Hot Shorts.

Reveal Tank and Ready Set Go Tights

Hotty Hot Nake Shorts, Ready Set Go Tights, and Ready Set Go Tank


Tight Stuff Tights in Low Alpine White/Black

New Run the Day Bra.

New Sea Mist and Caspian Blue Energy Bras. I wonder whether these are made with leftover material. If they are, they'll have a nude liner. A comparison of Sea Mist to last year's Tonic Sea can be found here. A comparison of Ice Milk to Caspian can be found here.

Low Tide Blush Energy Bra

Dark Adobe and Ice Milk Cool Racerback II

Cherry Blossom Ta Ta Tamer. I wish they'd put out a Cherry Blossom Free to Be Serene bra.

Dark Adobe Define Jacket

Inexplicably, a down jacket showed up, just in time for the heat of August (smh) -  Just Enough Puff jacket.

Fractal Dark Starlight Fast and Free Crop

Low Tide Blush Speed Tights and luxtreme Wunder Under Tights

Ready Set Go Tights

Run Times Shorts in Low Tide Alpine

Submarine Swiftly LS and SS. I'll probably order one of these.

Train Times in Low Tide Alpine

Dark Adobe Carry the Day bag

Lavender Gray Sweat Date Singlet

Nothing for me but I might go back and order one of the new Submarine Swiftly tops. Anything for you?