Tuesday, July 11, 2017

UK/HK Spoilers

Submarine LS Swiftly

Modern Jogger

Nile Blue Aligns

Nile Blue Sculpt Tank

Lightest Crop Tee

Pack It In Backpack

Entwined Wunder Unders, Sweat Your Heart Out Tank, Reveal Tights, and More

Sweat Your Heart Out Tank and Entwined Wunder Unders

Crescent Tank and Entwined Wunder Unders

More Entwined Wunder Unders

Reveal 7/8 Tight

Mesh Wunder Unders and the Intended SS

The new Sweat Your Heart Out Bra.

Final Lap Short


Nulux Entwined Print Wunder Unders and Energy Bra. I ordered the WUPs.

Illumniate Multi Black Wunder Under crops, in luxtreme. I ordered these, too.

Illuminate also came in Train Times Tight, Tracker Shorts, and Train Times Bra.

Cotton Intended Tee, in Black and Cobalt.

Ice Milk Speeds and Run Times.

New Sweat Your Heart Out Bra.

New 8" inseam Sweat Your Heart Out Shorts. I love shorts this length, especially for spin class. Unfortunately, they're only offered up to a ten on the website.

Translu Anorak

Another Round LS in Dark Adobe. I might order this. 

Another Round SS.

Sweat Your Heart Out Tank

Sweat Your Heart Out SS

Reveal Tank

Reveal Crop

Reveal Tight

Low Ride Blush Berry Wunder Under Half Tight, made of luxtreme.

Sweat Your Heart Out Crops

Go Lightly Packable Tote

Blue Nile Train Times Tank

Blue Nile Long Distance SS

Dark Adobe Quick Pace SS and LS

Dark Adobe Swiftly SS

Dark Adobe Tight Stuff Tights

Dark Adobe Luxtreme Wunder Under Crops

Alberta Lake Crescent Tank. 

Just the two pants for me today. Did you get anything?