Monday, July 10, 2017

Ready Set Go Tank, Run the Day Crops, and More

Ready Set Go Tank, Razzle Fast and Free Bra, and Fractal Dark Starlight Run the Day Crops.

Ready Set Go Tank and Summer Haze Multi Final Lap Crops. I totally missed this print coming out in these crops. I like the crop but want a print for more coverage in the nulux material.

Run the Day Crops and a Swiftly tank.

Goal Crusher Tank, Free to Be Serene Bra, and Submarine Run the Day Crops.

Mesh Wunder Unders are back in the stores.

Chase Me Onesie

Chase Me Tank and Free to Be Serene Bra with Dark Adobe bottoms.

Ready Set Go Tank and Dark Adobe Fast and Free Crops.

Entwined Print in US Stores


The Entwined print items are arriving in US stores. I bet (hoping) we'll see them in tomorrow's upload. I think I am going to order the pants to try.

Color Comparison: Whirlpool to Tofino Teal

lululemon whirlpool essential-tank

I ordered the Whirlpool Essential Tank last week. I was a bit disappointed to find that the top looked darker on the website than it is in person. I think I'm probably going to return it but will hope for some other cute Whirlpool tanks. Above is a photo of it compared to Tofino Teal.

I also pulled out a more pure-blue, Lakeside Blue, to compare to. 

Color Comparison: Razzle to Boom Juice and Bon Bon

The Razzle Free to Be Serene I ordered came last week. Here is a comparison to Bon Bon and Boom Juice. I thought those colors were bright but they pale when compared to Razzle. I don't have any Flare, Flash, or Flash Light (photos of Flash and Flare here to jog your memory) to compare to, but those are more orange. Razzle is very bright in person, almost neon. It's definitely a great color for runners who would like to maximize visibility.

Razzle Compared to Pow Pink and Raspberry Glo. I like it a lot paired with Ras Glo.