Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Intended Tank, Alouette Wunder Unders, and More

lululemon intended-tank

lululemon intended-tank
The new Intended Tank.

lululemon hint-of-sheer-crop-tank

lululemon hint-of-sheer-crop-tank

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-jacket alouette-wunder-under
Hint of Sheer Cropped Tank

Aloette Nulux Wunder Under Pant and Mesh on Mesh Jacket. The pants are back in a light gray and reports are they fade a bit with stretching.

lululemon jaded-backpack-mesh

lululemon jaded-backpack-mesh

lululemon jaded-backpack-mesh
Galaxy Grey CRB II and Jaded Mesh City Adventure Backpack.


Pretty Submarine Define Jacket. This is in my cart right now. I like that they styled this with a Faded Zap bra.

Pink Haze Over Dyed Love Tee. This is also in my cart.

Royal and Rose Quartz Love Tees.

Alouette nulux Energy Bra and Wunder Under Pant. I am tempted by these but will wait to see them in the store.

Very pretty Submarine Ebb to Street Tank.

Hint of Sheer Singlet. The black one is in my cart.

Intended Tank.

Dark Adobe Fast and Free Crop

New Ditsy Daisy print in Wunder Under crops, Energy Bra, Train Times, and Hotty Hot Short.

New Line Up Racerback, made of cotton.

Jaded Tight Stuff Tight

Jaded All the Right Places Crop

Jaded Align Crops

Mini White Noise On the Fly Short

Edgy Ornate Bra. It's kind of cute but at $68, way too pricey.

Orante Crops

Ornate Tights

Whirlpool Pace Perfect Short

Whirlpool Fast and Free Crop

Whirlpool Tracker Short

Quite a few cute things today. I am going to order the Submarine Define, the Pink Haze overdyed Love Tee, and the black Hint of Sheer Singlet. Did you get anything?

More UK Spoilers

New colors of the Pace Perfect bra - Black/White, Whirlpool/Jaded, White/Black.

Submarine Chase Me Short Sleeve, made of mesh.

Jaded Chase Me Onsie.

New Trackers in Soundwave and Whirlpool.

Heathered Whirlpool Train Times Tank

I can't tell if this bra is Velvet Dust or a new color like Figue.

New styling is hitting the website - top is lululemon and bottom is Outdoor Voices. At least they are putting a little more effort into the styling and not pairing the featured item against white, black, and navy.