Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Athleta Stripe Breezy Tee, Stripe Linen Tee, Tie Die Salutation Capri, Essence Tie Back Tank, and More

I'm building up quite a nice collection of Athleta items. For now, I've linked all my reviews of their gear under this tab but I'm probably going to break it out into its own tab (and perhaps change the name of my blog ;)  ). I'm a huge fan of Athleta's Breezy Tank - I have three now and another on the way - but I hadn't tried on the tee shirt version of this top until yesterday. I ended up getting the striped one yesterday - I have a fatal attraction to navy striped tops for the summer. I usually get a large in the Breezy Tank (my first was an XL but I like the L better) but the sleeves in the tee are a little snug for my upper arms so I stuck with the XL. I think the tee is a little more fitted than the tank, too. The material in the Breezy line is a modal/polyester blend that is very airy ('breezy', lol) - I wear the tanks for workouts all the time - and cool. It's soft but a little see through so you need to wear a cute or color-matching bra underneath.

The photo of the striped tee makes it look less shaped than it is. This photo shows the true fit better.
The real reason I went down to Athleta was to try these babies on - the Tie Die Salutation Capris, made of Powervita, the nulu dupe. I have a pair of black Salutation crops that I love and it's great that Athleta has figured out how to make prints in this awesome fabric. I've been seeing lots of try on photos of these in the groups which spurred my trip. My store was sold out in all sizes and, unfortunately, the website was out of my size, too. However, the store called another to have a pair mailed to me. I'll have photos once it gets here.

I tried on the Essence Tie Back tank but didn't buy it. I really love the Essence Low Tank I bought in March. However, I did order it last night so that I have a few tops to try on with the tie dye crops. It's made of a polyester, lyocell, spandex blend that is super soft but doesn't seem as delicate as lululemon pima tops.

I also tried on the Shibori Fully Focused bra, made of Powervita. That was another item I didn't buy but ended up ordering later after I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's very soft and comfy. I've been wanting to try an Athleta bra for awhile and had my eye on this style but this is the first one I've ordered. The bra cookies in the one in the store were rather wrinkly and bulky so I also want to try it using my lululemon cups. I'm hoping one straight from the warehouse will have less-wrinkly cookies. I did try the bra on without the cups but my shape is better with them in.

I also tried this new Powervita bra style called the Deep Breath Bralette. I like bras with this back strap configuration because I find them super comfortable but I am not a fan of the really high neck in a bra, though I know this look is in now. The bottom band also does not have any elastic inside it, from what I could tell. This was very comfortable with good coverage but the high neck was a turn off for me, since that is a high sweat area on me.

The Striped Relay Capris are making a big splash in the facebook groups, too. I tried these on but the material is a polyester blend and I'm not a relay fan anyway. Numerous reports and my tryon confirm these fit smaller than your normal Athleta size.

Athleta also has a pair of gray Tie Dye Salutation Tights in the catalog but the stores haven't received them yet. There is quite a difference in color, some people have gotten ones that look like this photo and others have received ones that are much darker. You might want to order a couple of pairs to be able to cherry pick your shade.

Athleta has this very cute combo in their Lookbook that is tempting me to order these tights, too, but I bought the Varsity Blue Shibori WUPs last week and there are only so many shibori prints I can use.

I also ordered this tank - the Refine Tank. It's a modal/spandex blend but I haven't seen it in person so can't tell you much more than that until I get my order. I ordered it to have a white tank option with the navy tie dye crops.

I bought this Stripe Linen Tee back in March but didn't post about it at the time. I've been on the hunt for cute summer tops to wear with jeans and leggings and this fit the bill nicely. I've worn and washed it a few times and really like it. The material is not as soft as the Breezy tops but it's very airy. The top has a boxy fit.

Athleta Striped Breezy Tee and Linen Tee
These two navy striped tops are totally different (ok, I know they're similar but I really like navy stripes).

SeaWheeze 2017 Half Marathon Women's and Men's Registration Shorts

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter
SeaWheeze 2017 women's Tracker Shorts. The print is called Counter Culture White Black/Black. A lot of people don't like the print this year but I really like it. They're probably my second favorite print after the 2014 SeaWheeze registration shorts

These are Tracker Vs and from the photos I've seen it looks like they run nearly a size smaller than other Trackers. As soon as I get mine I'll post some comparison photos to previous version of Trackers. Lots of people are very unhappy by the change in fit and will be seeking to swap sizes.

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter
The Speed Shorts. The black trim really pops the print.

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter
Some close ups of the print with eyes and arms hidden in the print.

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter
SeaWheeze 2017 logo

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter
Inner liner is plain black.

lululemon seawheeze-2017-tracker counter-culter

lululemon seawheeze-2017-pace-breaker men-tripped-out
The men's print is called Tripped Out White Black/Black.

The training plan insert.

Thanks to Ms. K. and two random eBay sellers (: D) for their photos.


It's super early this morning. Pics and comments to follow - I need to walk my dogs first. ;)

Aero Blue and Aerial Drift Speed Shorts

Aero Blue CRB II

Aero Blue Fast and Free Bra

Aerial Drift Energy Bra, Low Waist WUPS, and High Waist 7/8 WUPS

Cardero Tank, made of cotton.

Cut Back Crop Tank. I might like this in a regular length tank.

Dark Forest Swiftly Tank - I like this.

Dark Forest Swiftly LS

Dark Forest Define

Dark Forest Train Times Crop

Train Times Bra

Train Times 7/8 Tight

Dark Forest Hotty Hot Short

Keep It Cropped Tank

Black Currant Seek The Heat II Shorts

Dark Forest Hot Mesh Tote

Dark Forest Love Tank

Dark Forest Power Y

On the Fly Short Woven. This is the swift-like material so lighter than the regular luxtreme.

Midnight Navy luxtreme Wunder Under Half Tights

Luon Wunder Under Half Tights

And of course, the new Enlite bra.

Did you get anything? Nothing for me today, I made a big order from Athleta yesterday which I'll post about next.

Update - Oh shoot, I missed this. I'm not a big Vinyasa person but this one is very cute: