Saturday, April 1, 2017

Return Policy Changed to 30 Days

April Fools seems to have become a big marketing day with retailers because I've received multiple joke promotional emails yesterday, the cutest a new Brooks line of run shoes for dogs. The lululemon email is an interesting development - they're going to a 30-day window for returns, increased from the long-time (forever?) 14-day window. One of my bootcamp buddy's biggest complaints about the brand was the 14-day window. However, I'm not sure this will result in her spending any more since she loves shopping markdown racks and hates the final sale aspect of those. I'm not sure whether it will change my buying habits since I tend to buy to keep, though I know a ton of women are catch-and-release type shoppers. Once I get something home I like to wear it right away but I know my husband can keep the tags on something for months.

I wonder whether the 30-day return window means they won't be updating the website with new product on weekly basis anymore. That was always the justification for the short return timeframe. Athleta rolls out product on a more spaced out basis, though items do seem to trickle in weekly after the catalog goes out, but they have an open-ended return policy - the website says return any time and they tell people they can try the product and still return it if they don't like it. Nike and Carbon38 have 30-day return policies so I suppose this helps align lululemon with their most threatening competition.