Tuesday, February 21, 2017


lululemon breathe-a-wool-tunic chrome
lululemon breathe-a-wool-tunic olive

lululemon breathe-a-wool-ls chrome
New Breathe a Wool Tunic and LS (the one with the turtleneck), shown in Dark Chrome and Dark Olive. If this is the same material as the Breathe a Wool tank it will wrinkle easily. I've heard that eds are telling people this item needs re-shaping after washing.

lululemon body-con-tank deep-rouge

lululemon body-con-tank poseidon

We're starting to get the Body Con line we saw previewed on the foreign sites - Deep Rouge Body Con Tank. Also comes in Poseidon and Black.

lululemon body-con-tight deep-rouge

lululemon body-con-tight
Body Con Tight in Deep Rouge and Black.

lululemon body-con-bra
Body Con Bra.

lululemon sculpt-tank-ii chakra

lululemon sculpt-tank-ii chakra
Chakra print Sculpt Tank II.

lululemon define chakra

lululemon define chakra
Luon Chakra Jacquard. I wish these odd spongey-feeling jacquards would go away.

lululemon illuminight-speed
Illuminight Speed Shorts.

lululemon free-to-be-bra
Aquamarine Free to Be Bra.

lululemon deep-rouge-love-tee

lululemon deep-rouge-love-tee
Deep Rouge Love Tee in the crew neck and v-neck versions.

lululemon on-the-fly-pant
Luxtreme On the Fly pant.

Did you get anything? I hoping for that new Free to Be Serene bra to show up so nothing for me.

UK Spoilers

Effortless Jacket, made of Glyde. I like the big collar but the sleeves look a bit short.

Run With It Jacket

New waterproof No Matter What Jacket in Inkwell.

Daisy Dust Tracker Shorts, Sole Training Crops, and More

Daisy Dust Tracker Shorts (yay for new Trackers!) and Illumnight blue Swifty Tank.

Sole Training Crop, Sole Training SS, and Back to It Hoodie

Black Sole Training SS, Back to It Hoodie, and Daisy Dust Sole Training Crop

Poseidon Sole Training Tight and LS Sole Training

Midnight Navy Define and Gear Up Crop

Sole Training Short