Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Dark Chrome Baller Hat

Dark Chrome Go Lightly Belt Bag

Coco Pique Define

Dusty Daisy Illuminight Wunder Under Crops, Pants, and Pace Rival Crops. The crops are tempting but I want to see them in the store.

Illumnite Swiftly Tank. I wouldn't mind this in a short sleeve.

Sole Training LS in Poseidon and Black

Midnight Navy/Black Swiftly SS. I wonder if we'll get the solid Midnight Navy SS. 

Midnight Navy Tracker Shorts

Daisy Dusty Run Times Short

Dark Olive Lost In Place LS

Poseidon Aligns

Sole Training Tank

Sole Training Crops

Rose Blue Free to Be Bra

Illumnite Power Y

The US got the reflective hair ties this week.

Lost in Pace Skirt

Chrome Speed Shorts

Did you get anything this week?