Friday, February 10, 2017

In-Store Photos: Kicking Asphalt Vest, Midnight Navy/Black Dotted Swiftly SS, Breathe-A-Wool Tank, Carry the Day Bag, and More

Kicking Asphalt Vest. The fit was a roomy TTS. It was ok but I'm not sure why the outer shell wasn't made of Swift instead of generic polyester fabric.

New Midnight Navy/Black Swiftly SS. I have a few comparison photos to solid Midnight Navy:

 Midnight Navy/Black Swiftly SS compared to the solid Midnight Navy Swiftly Tank. 

Breathe a Wool Tank. (Thanks to Ms. K. for her photos of the Olive one). I thought this fit TTS. It's very thin but soft. Based on how it looked in my store it seems to wrinkle easily. The seaming on the back struck me as masculine.

New Carry the Day Bag (thanks, Ms. K.).

New Sole Training UPF SS in Poseidon. (Thanks to Ms. K.)

Lost In Pace LS. I thought the fit was a roomy TTS and decently long. There are no reflective details. I think my 5 Mile LS are cuter but I'd get this on a nice markdown.

Move Bra. It was cute but definitely not made for D ladies.

Invigorate Bra - This bra felt very flimsy to me.

Non Stop Bomber Photos. This fit TTS.

It was ok but I'm tired of sheer luon tanks.

Backside of the Radiant Rose Wunder Unders. I wish these came in regular length WUCs or Pace Rivals. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Neon Pink Swiftly SL spotted in Canada. (Thanks to Ms. K.)

 I tried to get a photo to show that the Hazy Days print is a textured luon, similar to spray jacquard. 

New Glide and Stride Tank in Canada. (Thanks Ms. K.)

Not a great photo of the Dark Olive/Black Swiftly color-wise but I wanted to show that the black is very subtle in the color. This is one of the few black-blended Swiftlys I liked. I was decently soft and stretchy and the color was pretty.