Tuesday, December 5, 2017

UK Spoilers

Blazer Blue Restless Pullover.

Luminosity Foil Run Times and Speed Up Shorts

Speckled Foil Run Times Shorts

Create Your Calm Tank

Create Your Calm Crop

Antiqued Starlight Sculpt Tank

Twisted and Tucked Pullover

Twisted and Tucked LS


Anonymous said...

is the shiny stuff have reflective properties or is it just shiny? not convinced I love it, but if it's reflective then maybe

LuluAddict said...

I don't think it's reflective. They usually jack the price up on the reflective stuff, too.

Georgie said...

I have the Train Times 7/8 and Invigorate Bra in luminosity foil print, it’s essentially silver on black. It’s not super shiny and in fact looks a bit grey from a distance. It’s definitely more subtle than it seems in the product photos. The quality of the foil is pretty good as well, it’s printed onto the fabric but it doesn’t rub or scratch off – I suspect if you used a lot of force it would come off though.

I wash them in a wash bag and turn them inside out, just to be safe. I’ve done this at least twice and haven’t had huge issues :)