Sunday, December 17, 2017

Early Upload!

Crystalline Multi Train Times

Crystalline Multi Inspire Crops

Crystalline Multi Speed Up Tights

Crystalline Multi Speed Up Crops

Crystalline Multi Wunder Under Crop

Crystalline Multi Wunder Under Pant

Crystalline Multi Energy Bra

Ombre Speckle Stop Jacquard Luon Wunder Under Tights in Black Yum Yum Pink and Blazer Blue.

Only the Energy Bra showed up in the Translucence Alpine White Multi Print.

New color Vivid Flame in a Free To Be Long Bra

Vivid Flame Free to Be Bra

Blush Blossom Alpine White Candy Pink Wunder Under Tights

Luminosity Foil Wunder Under Crops. I saw these at my store today.

SE Wunder Under Tights in Nile Blue/Nocturnal Teal/Persian Blue, Black Currant/Boysenberry/Dark Mystic, and Night View/White Black White.

The Cabin Yogi Sweaters are back. I have a denim one from years ago and really like it.

Ombre Black Wunder Under Pant

Score Jacquard Speed Up Tight

Healthy Heart Pullover 2 in Coco Pique

City Adventure Convertible Backpack

See You in Savasana Tank

Free to Roam Jogger

Splatter Love Tank (CAN)

Nothing for me tonight. I went to the store today and bought the black Wool Swiftly Half zip. I would love to get a Free to Be Serene Bra if they were uploaded in Flash Light and the Vivid Flame colors. I'd also like to try the new Translucence White Multi print Fast and Free Tights. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Where are the Coco Pique WUPs? Did I miss them?

LuluAddict said...

I don't think I've seen coco pique WUPS yet but I know herringbone is in the stores and the fabric feels like old herringbone. Variegated knit is a nice texture luon, too.

Anonymous said...

The coco pique is on the Canadian site. Not sure about US though.

Amy said...

I'm with you on a Free to be Serene in Flash light or Vivd Flame! I wonder how close Flash Light is to Razzle

Anonymous said...

cabin yogi sweater is up on the website in neutral blush, and it appears to be ringing up at $59 at checkout. i was able to purchase 2 of them at that price. YMMV!

Anonymous said...

I got the Flash Light LS swiftly. I said to myself I'd order whatever pink they put out in the LS version. I just need some color for winter. (moved to san diego and now need light long sleeves for beach workouts). I'd much preferred a deeper pink but beggars can't be choosers.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen vivid flame in person? is it orange? I trust your judgment best since, Lulu doesn't know wth the color RED looks like! Lol!

Amy said...

I looked for the Free to Roam Joggers in my store today (KOP/PA) but they didn't get any. Does anyone have any feedback on the softness/warmth of these? Are these more in-home lounging pants, or could you wear them out?

Anonymous said...

Was this us or Canada? Were you using the app or website. I can't find it o there at that price TIA

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:37pm - super late answer since this got stuck in spam but it was US only, Blush color, and only on the website.

bloomwinxlover said...

Is a really pretty orange ��
Just bought it today.

Anonymous said...

vivid flame is a deep orange. close to vermilion.


Anonymous said...

Amy I tried the free to roam joggers in store and yes you can wear them out/ work etc. they look like pants and not like sweats. They are 100% cotton though so not so soft but warm nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

What size did you buy in the floral flock pullover?