Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Shine Bright reflective polka dot Invigorate Tights.

Hi Rise and Low Rise Wunder Under Tights in Frozen Flourish

Frozen Flourish Train Times Crops

Frozen Flourish Speed Up Crops

Aura Dark Chrome Multi Wunder Under Tights and Crops

Frozen Flourish Free to Be Serene and Zen Bras

Aura Dark Chrome Multi Speed Up Tights

Extra Mile SS top. I really like this.

Rulu Extra Mile Hoodie (CAN)

Rulu Extra Mile Half Zip

Hydrangea Blue Swiftly SS

Hydrangea Blue Love Tee

Dark Olive Swiftly Tank

Black Cherry and Dark Shadow To the Point top.

Black Cherry Luon Wunder Under Pant

Luminescence Splatter Align Crops

Warm for Winter Mach Blue Jacket

Heathered Black Luxtreme Crop

Inkwell Cut Above Top

Luxtreme Extra Mile crop in Garnet

Extra Mile Tight

Warm on the Way Jacket

Dark Cedar Down and Around Vest

Nothing for me right now but I want to try that Extra Mile SS at the store. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Can't see the shine tight anywhere or am I blind? ;)

Anonymous said...

The extra mile crop in Garnet looks really pretty! Might invest in a pair!

Since I have thick thighs, print bottoms look really awful on me, so not really interested in most of the upload this week. But I do wonder why they're trying to bring back Black Cherry. Didn't they do a Black Cherry run already? And if they're bring back old colours, I'd like to see Bordeaux Drama or Deep Zinfandel make a comeback!

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me yet but I am eyeing a few items. I need to sleep on it first. Lol! Back in the old days I would have pulled the trigger right away for fear of something selling out. I like the Extra Mile Hoodie and the To the Point Long Sleeve. I will think about it. I also noticed that on the Canadian side, new items were added to We Made Too Much this evening which usually doesn't happen. I think Frozen Flourish is a pretty print. Hopefully, we will see more pretty prints in the future.

Anonymous said...

It's anon@5:05 again. It looks like I was wrong about the To the Point Long Sleeve. The Black Cherry and Dark Shadow are now sold out in Canada and only black is left. Boo to that! I could get black but it wasn't my first pick so it looks like I missed out. Oh well! On the upside I have several GapFit items that are 50% off in my cart. For that price, yes please!

sylvs said...

I got the frozen flourish in speed crops. Liking the details they're adding to their clothes

Anonymous said...

Underwhelmed and uninterested in the prints. I like the rulu extra mile half zip. And wow, a ruffle detail. I will need to see it in store though. I also like the blue mach colour in some items, not necessarily the items. I have not bought anything in months. Funny wmtm gets mentioned -- haven't checked it in months either. It is just over priced, still expensive items, that I mostly do not like or need.

Anonymous said...

I got my 20% coupon and ordered whole bunch of stuff. Lux tech jacket in blue and garnet ( will pick one), crb in nocturnal teal and jaded( also to keep one), Power y in bon bon, To the point Long Sleeve in Black cherry and dark shadow. Train times in garnet, Get Set Long Sleeve in emerald . Very spendy :( Hope only a few items will work lol

janine57 said...

Does the frozen flourish white out when stretched? Jc

Unknown said...

Totally random, but does anyone know if they’re discontinuing the All The Right Places? I see they put up an older color (boysenberry) but no longer have black or any other colors. Before they put up boysenberry in this upload, the style was completely off the website.

Anonymous said...

I have an identical top to the Extra Mile SS I bought 3 years ago. From Target. It was $12.99.