Tuesday, September 12, 2017

More In-Store Photos: Run On Bra, Trail Speed Up Shorts, Run On Tights

More photos from Ms. K. - Run On Bra in Olive. I hope there will be an Olive Free to Be Serene bra.

New Trail Speed Up Shorts. They don't have a back pocket but more pockets in the waistband.

Twill print Run On Tights


Anonymous said...

There was a dark olive FTBS when they were first released. I have it and wear it all the time. Fingers crossed they re-release it in this color for you.

Anonymous said...

Im excited anout the run on bra. Looks so similar to the all sports bra which i love!!

Anonymous said...

Finally Lululemon releases decent run bra!

Anonymous said...

I don't get the "trail" version of the speed up shorts. They took out the rear zip pocket. You know, because I don't need to keep an ID or car key zipped up safely when I run trail? Ridiculous. I need that more on trail than street! Because i'm actually driving to the trail vs leaving from my house to run street. I don't understand their thinking on that. Yes, sometimes I use a vest on trail with pockets I can use but not always so always having to haul that for what might be an 8 mile run isn't what I always want to do. I religiously use those rear zip pockets as they are secure and I know I won't be losing stuff out there. Not like I'd buy these anyway. The new Speed Up shorts are horrible on me and I felt very exposed with them on vs my speed shorts.

Anonymous said...

Agree 9:03. Kinda silly to remove the zipper. If you are doing floor exercises, I can see doing without the zipper, but when you run trails rarely do you lay on the ground to do sit ups or what ever.