Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Resist the Mist Jacket in Armory and Pelt

Speed Up Tight in Nouveau print. I like this print but I'd rather have it in WUCs.

Swiftly Breeze LS in Teal Green and Olive

Pyschic/Black Swiflty LS

Variegated Knit Wunder Unders. My Variegated Knit Speed Tights were one of my favorite purchases from last year.

The UK Special Edition print is finally here - Vivid Vision Energy Bra and Wunder Under Tights. I'm on the fence about ordering this. I like the nulux material but my two Wunder Under pants in the Entwined and Concrete Jungle fall down on me. I don't think I'm getting more nulux until they fix the waistband.

Our Sport Tank in Viola and Deep Luxe red.

Etch Hail Speed Up Crop

Viola Define Jacket. This looks more blue than purple. I'll have to see it in person.

Long Distance SS in Teal Green.

Nocturnal Teal Energy Bra

Get There Pant (CAN) in Melanite.

Culture Clash Free to Be Serene Bra

Dark Adobe and Heathered Black On the Fly Pant

Aeron Circuit Breaker Skirt

Aeon Fast As Light Singlet

New All for Run Hat, made of Glyde.

Black and White Swiftly in LS, SS, and tank.

Box It Out LS in Night Tide

We also got the Bob and Weave Bra, Box It Out Tight, Box It Out Crop Tank, Box It Out Tank, Box It Out Short, and the Box It Out Short Sleeve.

Did you get anything today? Nothing so far, though I'll probably order the Night Tide Free to Be Serene Bra since neither of my two local stores had it in my size. I am tempted by the Vivid Vision WUPs but I'm pretty certain they'll fall down like my other nulux pants and make me crazy.


Anonymous said...

Did the Fast and free tight in dark olive get uploaded in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, did you size down in the all sport tank? The website reviews say the tank expands after a few uses. TIA!

LuluAddict said...

Hmm, I've only worn it a couple of times and washed them both once and haven't noticed it stretching out yet. I'd be surprised if a seriously light luon tank stretches out but I'll keep my eyes open for it to happen. It does fit on the large side, though, so if you're between sizes I'd size down.

Anonymous said...

Hi luluaddict I saw viola in store in a towel and I think something else but can't remember. It's definitely purple. I am a huge purple fan but am picky about the shade. I ordered this define to try. Also the bra on the new barre tank is viola and that is purple as well.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. Good thing I already have the green/black Swiftly from more than a year ago. The blue Swiftly looks like many of the blue Swiftly tops they have released recently...silly.

I like the Noveau print, finally an actual pretty print. But I am in no rush to get the tights or even try them on. I don't care for that UK print at all.

Sugaree said...

Hi!!! Any idea what color Aeron is? A dark blue with purple?? Ordered speed up shorts in this shade. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

I would've bought the box it out shorts but it looks like they don't make them in a 2.... bummer /:

Anonymous said...

Sincere question: Is there no way to go on Lululemon's site snd see "what's new" anymore? I was a Lululemon upload "junkie". Now, it all just confuses me & I never know what the new products are.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Pyschic/Black L/S Swiftly in the store today. Looks like Sapphire/Black to me. Love the Purply blue color in the Circuit Breaker II Skirt. Does not appear to be in the US.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:19 pm - You and me both. I have to constantly check my previous upload posts to tell what is new from old.

@sugaree- I think it's a bluish dark purple.

Anonymous said...

Are the variegated knit wunder unders soft on the inside like coco pique or herringbone?

emily said...

The new print is pretty. But I also can't do nulux. I end up pulling them up constantly.

Nothing for me this upload. Anymore, I worry more about Thursday mornings and checking WMTM.

Princess33 said...

You go to women then select feature and then A category fir What's New is there ��

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Box it Out Jogger, and they were SO unflattering. I would consider myself of decent build and these pants made my lower stomach look like a tire and they were so tight in the crotch so they sunk into my inner thighs (not camel toe, but close) I'm sad because they looked so cute on the website :(

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the minority, but I'm liking Box it out tights. Everything except the waist band. I find solid black and solid (heathered) gray boring and liking this idea of still neutral, but with a twist pant. Not liking the length though. Why can't they be 25"? I hate when my leggings gather on my ankles. I know there's hemming , but quality is not the same. Plus proportions will be off. Anyways, anybody tried these on? How do they fit?

Unknown said...

I tried them on and actually quite liked them, just not enough to pay for them. I feel like - for me - what sets lululemon apart from Nike and other brands is the really nice, wider, high-rise waistbands. I feel like the waistband on this pair kind of makes the price not worth it because I can find something similar for a lot cheaper elsewhere. But they definitely were cute. I also have pretty short legs and they still worked fine for me, surprisingly. They didn't bunch much at all

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they are on the website yet, but I picked up a pair of shadow blue align pants and a beautiful ombré white/grey swiftly short sleeve yesterday, both really pretty colors. I haven't been liking a lot of the new offerings as much, but I love some of these pretty patterns and colors in older styles

Unknown said...

I got the vivid visions in a size down and they fit perfectly. No fall down issues like my other nulux that I got in my regular size. For reference I'm a 10, and the 8 was a much better fit.

LuluAddict said...

@Brooke - That's great to know. They're so pretty in the photos. Maybe I'll give them a try on.