Thursday, June 8, 2017

Power Pose Tank, Mandala Wrap, and More

Intended Crop Tee and Breeze By Train Times Tight. Shown with the Mesh City Adventure Backpack (I think, it could be the Go Lightly but it looks kind of big).

Cherry Blossom Power Pose Tank and Smooth Stride Skirt.

Hint of Sheer Cropped Tank

Train Times Short and This is Yoga CRB

On the Fly Pant

Pace Perfect Tank and Breeze By print pants.

Mandala Wrap

Toothpaste Energy Bra, Breeze By Train Times Bra, Summer Haze Fast and Free Bra, White Twist and Train Bra


Anonymous said...

They need to stop knotting every. single. shirt. In every picture on the website and in the store photos.

LuluAddict said...

Lol, I totally agree!!! So tired of tied up everything. Does anyone even wear their shirt like that in the gym? It's so funny how no one ever stands back and takes a global overview look of the website and says, huh, we're awfully repetitive styling-wise.

Amy said...

Agreed. To me, if it's knotted that means it didnt really fit well the normal way.

emily said...

My store manager was wearing that first outfit on Friday. She looked adorable, but kept tugging the shirt down.
It did make me laugh when I walked in the store and she said, "Look! Color!" I responded, "That's not color. That's grey and white."
I like the Summer Haze print and told her I'd definitely buy it if they bring it out in some crops or longer shorts.

Anonymous said...

When is lululemon ever going to stop putting out crap and bring back the good stuff from years gone by...????...... I'm so sad over this company :( I guess everything runs its course eventually..... :(