Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More UK Spoilers

New colors of the Pace Perfect bra - Black/White, Whirlpool/Jaded, White/Black.

Submarine Chase Me Short Sleeve, made of mesh.

Jaded Chase Me Onsie.

New Trackers in Soundwave and Whirlpool.

Heathered Whirlpool Train Times Tank

I can't tell if this bra is Velvet Dust or a new color like Figue.

New styling is hitting the website - top is lululemon and bottom is Outdoor Voices. At least they are putting a little more effort into the styling and not pairing the featured item against white, black, and navy.


yogaandcrossfit said...

what are they imitating?

Samantha said...

I love the onesie! But couldn't imagine running in it. It would be great for kicking around outside on a hot summer day.

Anonymous said...

Love the new models,
thats about it though!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@5:22 I have bought a few of the onesies from lulu on sale, and use them for hanging out or the beach, but not for running.