Saturday, June 3, 2017

Final Lap Tank, Pack Light Bomber, and More

Pack Light Bomber and Final Lap Tank

Uncovered Muscle Tank

Train Times Bra, Back In Action LS, Sun Setter Crop, and Pack Light Bomber

Train Times Tight, Free to Be Wild Bra, and Cool Racerback


Anonymous said...

I think someone mentioned the similarity between the Final Lap Tank and the Fast Track Tank from a few years ago. I felt a little the same way. I got rid of my 2 Fast Track Tanks a short time ago. In person there is a big difference imho. I like the quality of the luxtreme used in the Final Lap Tank much better than the Fast Track Tank's luxtreme. I think the silhouette is better as well. I'll watch the reviews and probably buy one.

Anonymous said...

that back pocket on the Final Lap Tank looks stupid.