Tuesday, May 16, 2017


lululemon essential-tank viridian

lululemon essential-tank
There's been a bit of chatter this week about un-released colors in the Essential showing up at stores and, as I thought/hoped, they were in today's upload. I ordered both new colors - Viridian Green and Jet Stream.

lululemon pace-perfect-bra

lululemon pace-perfect-bra
Pace Perfect Bra

lululemon pace-perfect-tight
The new Pace Perfect Tights are priced at a wallet-busting $128 and they're not even nulux.

lululemon pace-perfect crop
Pace Perfect Crops, also pricey at $118.

lululemon pace-perfect-ss
Pace Perfect Short Sleeve. It's too bad it's ugly because it looks like it's made of one of my favorite breathable materials, silverescent.

lululemon love-tank
The 'for sweats sake' Love Expression Tank was finally uploaded. I know this sold quickly in my store.

lululemon back-in-action-ls
Back in Action LS.

lululemon air-time-tight
Wunder Under Half Tight in the Air Time print.

lululemon hi-rise-speed
Jet Stream high waisted Speed Shorts

lululemon summer-soltice-wrap
Summer Solstice Wrap that can be a wrap, a blanket, and a scarf. I'm pretty sure I don't need this much versatility out of a wrap.

lululemon salt-tracker
Salt Dark Mystic Tracker Shorts

lululemon mystic-energy
Dark Mystic Energy Bra. I like this color a lot but I have a ton of Energy Bras. I'm hoping this will come in the Free to Be Serene.

lululemon pace-perfect-bra
Salt Dark Mystic Low Rise Wunder Unders

lululemon baller
One of my favorite style hates, Perforated Baller Caps, are back. A tiny drawstring backpack is previewed with it.

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

nothing, nada, zilch

Unknown said...

Pace Perfect tights, Train Times tights, Invigorate tights, Inspire tights -- don't they all basically look the same? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

It's as if they don't want me to spend any money at Lululemon. I have an Athleta just waiting in my shopping bag. I will be finalizing that purchase tonight. So much for trying to hold out.

Anonymous said...

I also hope that color comes in a free to be serene. Has anyone seen any additional colors released in that bra lately? I think they released a handful to see how customer's responded for now and will likely wait on new colors for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Summer Solstice Wrap. just wish the pictures on the website would explain better how the wrap actually looks like. I mean, does it have holes in it for your arms?

Anonymous said...

Nothing. Was waiting to see if f and f wete released in aeriel drift print...nope. My wallet needs a break.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Nothing here.

LuluAddict said...

@ Anita - I know! They all look so similar but Pace Perfect are $30 more for some reason.

@ anon 3:16 pm - I think it does but the photos are so unhelpful.

Anonymous said...

Nothing. Hard for me to spend more than $70 on leggings when I've scored such great ones at Athleta for around $60

Anonymous said...

I *think* they're priced higher because they're bonded waist bands. Eye.Roll.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking pace perfect tee, but will wait till it goes to wmtm. I'm not a fan of this blue or green in Essential tank . I was hoping for more Quicksand and maybe that naked color we saw in Energy bra

Anonymous said...

I like the summer solstice wrap too! I wonder if it has a hole in the middle of it to put over your head. I had a wrap like this from lulu before. I was to crazy for how it fit.

Anonymous said...

I love the blog, but rarely check it now as lulu is incredibly boring :(

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:01 pm - I think so, too. Isn't glue cheaper than stitching?

@ anon 5:10 pm - I was hoping for a pink, purple, orange, red - something brighter - in the essential tank, too. I ordered both but only really want one. It's a comfy tank for sweaty workouts.

@ anon 4:55 pm - I agree. And Athleta's stitching is pretty bulletproof. You can't say that about lululemon any more. They've really let the quality slide again. Instead of spending millions on their new ad campaign maybe they could send their QA people to the subcontractors to keep quality up.

@ anon 7:27 pm - I agree, so dull.

Anonymous said...

Big snooze fest! How can dark forest green and boysenberry be part of a spring color palate? Ridiculous!
With the prices having gone up so much and the designs and colors being totally boring and unoriginal, I'll be spending my money elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

the white bra looks like it could be useful for long runs. Anybody try it? all those new colors look like they have been released before, just different names.
I have gotten rid of about 60% of my lulu gear especially my energy bras I believe I had around 45 of those and kept 3 the same with the WUC and a bunch of skirts and tanks. most of it was from around 2.5 years ago. I am glad my workout closet is a bit more mixed up at the moment. I won't be buying anything unless I absolutely need it or love it.


Laura said...

I got the royal love crew II. I absolutely adore the original version of this shirt with the tapered hem, but it seems like they only came out with literally 50 shades of grey in the second version. Some people have commented that they don't like the new straight hem and it gives the shirt a boxy feel. The color looks very pretty (especially for this Cubs/Kentucky Wildcats fan), so I'm anxious to have an excuse to try the new style.

Anonymous said...

Black and white....so original. ugh.

Amy said...

That green is super pretty.

Anonymous said...

The bonded waistband on the Pace Perfect shorts is awful! Feels super cheap. After one try on the waistband was all wavy after I took it off. Can't imagine what it would look like after several wears and washes. The short itself I liked but very similar to hotty hots in styling so i'd rather just go with the hotty hots.

Unknown said...

Lulu promised more colors but this is all they can come up with. Really boring and disappointing......