Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Uk Spoilers

lululemon uncovered-ls

lululemon uncovered-ls
Uncovered LS. I wish lululemon would stop describing their generic fabrics as "lightweight, two way stretch, and breathable" and just give us the nylon/poly/etc. content instead.

lululemon lululemon uncovered-muscle-tank

lululemon uncovered-tall-tee
Uncovered Muscle Tank and Uncovered Tall Tee

lululemon lean-in-ss

lululemon lean-in-ss

Lean In Short Sleeve

lululemon lean-in-ls
Lean In LS. The material in this is sweat wicking and 4-way stretch. 

lululemon boysenberry-align
Boysenberry Align Pant

lululemon swiftly
Dark Forest Align Crop

New Black/White knit Swiftly LS

lululemon in-depth-jacket
In Depth Jacket

lululemon lean-in-bra

lululemon lean-in-bra
Lean In Bra. Made of luxtreme.

lululemon lean-in-crop

lululemon lean-in-bra
Lean In Crop in Midnight Navy

lululemon lean-in-short
Lean In Short

lululemon transitions-multi invigorate-bra

lululemon transitions-multi run-times-short

lululemon transitions-multi train-times-tight

lululemon transitions-multi train-times-tight
New print - Transition Multi - shown in the Invigorate Bra, Run Times Short, and Train Times Tight.

lululemon run-times royal

lululemon sculpt royal

lululemon swiftly royal
Run Times, Sculpt Tank, and Swiftly Tank in Royal.

lululemon run-all-day-backpack royal
Royal Run All Day Backpack

lululemon sun-setter-tank boysenberry
Boysenberry Sun Setter Tank

lululemon endless-horizon
Endless Horizon Swim Top

lululemon rising-tides
Rising Tides Top

lululemon uncharted-waters

lululemon uncharted-waters
Uncharted Waters Top
lululemon wild-abadon one-piece
Wild Abandon One Piece


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what color bra is pictured with the Boysenberry Aligns?

Anonymous said...

anon@2:08pm...not sure. I don't recognize it. It is slightly muted, so not a pink I know. I like it...goes really nicely with Boysenberry.

Maybe it's a new, soon to come color? It's a blue casted pink...it's not ultraviolet or regal plum.