Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pace Perfect Bra, Pace Perfect Short, Sun Setter Bra, Lean In Bra, and More

Pace Perfect Bra and Short

Pace Perfect Bra and Air Time Shorts

Air Time Pace Perfect Bra and Tights

Pace Perfect Short Sleeve and Air Time Shorts

Sun Setter Bra and Crop

Lean In Bra, Cut Back Crop Tank, and Go Lightly Backpack Mini


Unknown said...

Wait... How does the phone not fall out if you bend over. It doesn't have a fold over flap.

Anonymous said...

@10:02 - it actually does, not sure why they didnt feature it in the pics. using the flap is the only way the headphone cord hole would work.

Unknown said...

yea i've kinda lost hope on this brand. so sad. they copied Gymshark on the pace perfect bra:

The only lululemon I've bought (a ton of) are older stuff released in 2015. I'm not even excited for uploads anymore or WMTM uploads anymore :(

Anonymous said...

That Gymshark bra is ugly. I wouldn't even try that one on. Maybe a "copy" but Lulu did it better. It's a closer copy to the TLF Catalyst sports bra (no longer available) IMO.

I tried the Pace Perfect Bra on this week. I'm still thinking about it. It's very comfortable yet I didn't bounce when jumping up and down. My only hesitations on this bra are the high front (not a fan of higher front bras) and the double layer on the back for the pocket. Add a tank and now you have 3 layers and I feel like it would get too hot and combined with the higher neck I feel like I would be overheating. I prefer my Run Stuff Your Bra's for running though and would probably only use this bra for gym sessions. Definitely if it goes to the WMTM section I would pick one up. I won't pay full price for it though.

Anonymous said...

I actually hate Forever21 and their cheaply made China clothes, but I take my obsessed teenager there, and today I found a bra that looks IDENTICAL to one of my Lululemon ones. I forget the name of it, but it's made out of the In The Flow stretchy material and designed for yoga. I love it, but kinda pissy I found the same exact thing for $11.90 in Forever21! Maybe they came from the same China factory, LOL

Anonymous said...


Chezhire71 said...

I need help from a fellow Addict with a Canadian address, and I'm not in any hurry, either.
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Love in Lulu ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous said...

gymshark copies lulu lemon. their stuff is not durable either.