Sunday, May 14, 2017

Australian Spoilers

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-jacket

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-jacket

lululemon mesh-on-mesh-jacket
Mesh on Mesh Jacket

lululemon dark-mystic-energy-bra

lululemon dark-mystic-speed-short
Dark Mystic Energy Bra and Speed Short

lululemon salt-mystic-fast-and-free-tight

lululemon salt-mystic-fast-and-free-tight
Salt Dark Mystic Black Fast and Free Tight

lululemon salt-alpine-tight-stuff-tight
Salt Alpine White Black Tight Stuff Tight

lululemon salt-alpine-fast-and-free-crop
Salt Alpine White Fast and Free Crop

lululemon salt-alpine-sculpt-tank
Salt Alpine Sculpt Tank

lululemon salt-alpine-baller-cap
Salt Alpine White Black Baller Cap

lululemon aint-no-rain-jacket
Ain't No Rain Jacket Hero Blue

lululemon fresh-tracks-jacket
Hero Blue Fresh Tracks Jacket

lululemon boysenberry-cool-racerback
New print previewed with the Boysenberry CRB.


Anonymous said...

And the point of a JACKET made of mesh is...? lol

Anonymous said...



LuluAddict said...

That mesh jacket reminds me of a similar jacket made by that Israeli brand, Margarita Sport, about 5 years ago.

LuluAddict said...

Hmm, it looks like they still make mesh jackets:

Anonymous said...

I like the purple color, but it's not anything I really need as I already have other similar shades of purple. I wish they would give the black/white prints a little break.

Erin Forta said...

I just laughed at some mesh jackets I saw at TJ Maxx last night. Boring.

Anonymous said...

Oh no no hero blue AGAIN

Unknown said...

I guess my definition of spring/summer colors is different from lululemon's definition...Although to be fair, it is autumn/winter in Australia. Still...

She Who Weaves Words said...

I do like the print in the last photo. But really, the last few weeks have been even more boring, if that's possible. Pure blah.

Anonymous said...

Well this IS for Australia and Australia is going into Fall & Winter so the colors make sense for them. Whether NA gets these colors soon or not is another thing. If we do then Lulu is fully out of touch with their customer. I haven't been to a store in weeks and it's been a good 1 year plus since I actually bought anything.

Anonymous said...

Lol, that mesh jacket looks like it came from the Alala reject pile. Alala does mesh so much better. So does Michi.

Anonymous said...

what are the tights with the hero blue fresh tracks jacket?

Anonymous said...

@6:40 PM omg love Michi!

Anonymous said...

I'm liking Mesh on mesh jacket. I just saw Michi mesh jacket in flesh color fabric , looks amazing, but it's $250 I think. Hopefully this is will be less money.

okollusion said...

love the new print in the last pic. Do you think that will come to US? Seems it could work for spring summer too.

Anonymous said...

no way. the colors are OK but they have been issuing these purples and speckeled patterns for the last year or more. Maybe lulu should spend more time designing instead of trying to make new stuff once a week.