Tuesday, April 18, 2017


New T Back Swiftly Tank, with a high neck in White, Midnight Blue, and Black. I wanted to try this but the US didn't get the black. I am hoping the black version will show up in the stores. Note the new bottoms previewed with the black, which I am really liking. I have read these run on the roomier side.

Pop Orange Free To Be and Invigorate Bra. 

Dark Prism Pink Free to Be Zen Bra. I am hoping the new Free to Be Serene bra will get some of these bright colors, too.

Dark Prism Pink and Pop Orange Cool Racerback II

Low Key Tank in Dark Forest

Pop Orange Sculpt Tank II

Love Tee Expression

Formation print Free to Be Zen Bra

New Hotty Hot II in Pop Orange. I like the updates to this short. It makes them look sportier.

Pop Orange Run Times Short

Wee Space Nimbus Wunder Unders

Wee Space Nimbus Invigorate Tight

Black Grape Pace Rivals

Formation Pace Rivals

Black Grape Sole Training LS

Black Currant Sole Training SS

Formation Alpine Inspire Tight II

Formation Tight Stuff Tight II

Formation Wunder Under Pant

Formation Quicksand Speed Tight

Boolux Well Being Sweater in Vapor

Dark Forest Sun Setter Tank

Black Currant All the Right Places Crop and Pant

Black Currant Scuba

Black Currant Wunder Under Pant

I Put A Shell on You jacket in Sea Spray

Light Locks reflective scrunchie in Marvel

Midnight Navy Woven On the Fly Pant

Anew crops in Black Grape and White

Nothing for me tonight. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

I got the black grape Pace Rivals and Fast & Free 7/8. I'm a sucker for black grape/swan and nulux. I'll have to see the brights in person.

Anonymous said...

The Low Key tank has a very, erm, feminine back design.

Laura said...

I love the update to the Hotty Hots. I've tried them on multiple times and want to love them, but the drawstring in the front always made it feel like I was wearing pajama bottoms. I'll definitely be interested in trying this new style.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the Anew crop but I have become a side pocket snob. I ordered the black grape Pace Rivals though.

sylvs said...

scrunchis are back in style? maybe not

Anonymous said...

I got the chakra paint henna speeds. First purchase in forever. Still eyeing the white crops for running.
How many times has lulu re cycled pop orange?


Anonymous said...

What is up with that sweater? Do we need another see through, snag-prone item that's going directly to WMTM?

Rebeca said...

The black t-back is in stores :)

Anonymous said...

I was in store today and everything was "plain" awful. It was a sea of black, grey, white, blue.....I can't take it any longer I made comment to educators and they told me they have color as in Pop Orange. I told her I have Pop Orange already and has been released past two years. She proceeded to tell me that LLL stopped putting color in bottoms because people would buy color bottoms, get home and return them right away. People supposedly don't like prints with colors for bottoms. I looked at her like she had three heads. The store contained ZERO prints. I think I am done with my love for LLL. Quality, fit, styling and price has turned me off from brand.

Custom Baby Boutique said...

Got the pace rivals in black grape and the ATRP in black currant.
I realize they are similar in color but I regretted not getting dark magenta anything and actually like these pant styles better, I'm a runner. Pace rivals in Houston breathe so good, even in the summer!

Ashley said...

Wait. Did you just say scrunchie? ;)

I'm happy to see them slowly drifting back into the land of the living with some color

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. I've owned items in Pop Orange before and something about the color attracts stains and discoloration. I've bought some great things from Athleta recently, including a t-back black racer that looks identical to the one shown here by Lulu. The difference is I got it on sale for $16! Loved it so much I went back and got a hot pink color in same style. I like the look of Black Grape, but don't really need it for the prices. If it ends up on MD I will buy....otherwise, I can live without. Been finding great Deals on eBay on Lululemon run crops! So, that's where all my Lulu shopping is going right now

Anonymous said...

That Black Currant Scuba is really tempting, but I already own a thousand hoodies, and I'm saving for a Deep Rouge or Marvel Define Jacket. I also really like those Anew Crops though....... perhaps if they ever hit WMTM, hahaha.

Cwags said...

I am a fan of pink. If Anyone who orders the new pink crb had other past pinks can you do a colour comparison?

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between on the fly and on the fly *woven?

I want to try the swiftly t-back.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:07 pm - people don't like bad prints with color. Fun prints like Beachscape and Milky Way sold like hotcakes.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:17 pm - I saw them today and they're made out of a swift-like material instead of luxtreme.

Anonymous said...

I actually kinda agree with that educator. I tend to wear solids more. I would never buy Beachscape even if it was free, Milky Way was better, but you get tired of it soon. I got Blooming pixies few months ago that some ppl were lusting for and I only wore them once. Also, recently sold my Marble Mix tights . I love Nulux, but didn't reach for those either. Maybe it's just me, but I feel a little subcounscious when wearing prints. I feel they make my thighs look bigger even in my size 4. I wonder how ppl feel wearing them in bigger sizes

LuluAddict said...

I didn't end up buying Beachscape or Milky Way either but they were very popular and sold out quickly. My favorite prints are more of the medium size - Pop Cut, Camo Fatigue, Hounds Camo, Midnight Bloom. I also like a lot of the stripe and wee stripe prints, which lululemon has stopped making.

gordonsgrl said...

I love printed wunder unders. I have the paradise grid, pink wamo camo, lots of twisted dye stripes - my favorites are in dragon fly green and last year's capoeira and blurry belle print. I would be so bored if i just wore all my bright colored power y tanks with black, navy, or grey pants. Same with my speed shorts - i dislike the solid colored bright ones but love patterns. I did hear this same thing from an educator in Atlanta. I pointed out that the most recent ones like the magenta/olive and yellow were not very pretty and frankly I see just as many solid colored pants on the sales rack. Take a look at WMTM and tell me how many solid pants are languishing! Meanwhile, back in the day I waited up late to grab paradise grid and missed out on beachscape. Not surprisingly both of these pattern command high prices on ebay.

Sorry but I get so wound up when I hear someone say that bright colored pants don't sell. I'd really like to see the data vs anecdotes from particular stores. If bright colors don't sell in New York City then don't stock them there....I will now get down from my soap box.

Rise and Shine said...

CRAZY expensive upload for me, thanks to Black Grape and the Arise LS. Picked up 3 Arise LSs - 2 in white and one in black. Also got Black Grape FAFs and Pace Rival Crops. I may return one of the pairs of pants, we'll see.

This is the most I've spent at Lulu in years, and the really absurd part is that I'm buying Winter clothes in April - at full price. But I think the Arise is something I'll wear as a layering piece every day to work, so it's a good investment.

Unknown said...

The low key tank and the Cortes box tee have both been reduced in price online! I just got an email with tanks going do $38?!?! So I checked and sure enough! I ordered them yesterday for $58 and $64 respectively and today they are $44 and $48! I called GEC and they are refunding me the difference!

Anonymous said...

My favourite print of all time by LLL is Moody Mirage. I'm always reaching for it in my define jacket. I wear a size 4 and I find it doesn't create an illusion of being larger.

Rise and Shine said...

I'm sure solid leggings do sell better than patterned ones, but you can't *just* stock black, blue, and gray leggings, or customers will desert you.

Lulu also has to own up to having HORRIBLE, HIDEOUS patterns for the last year. Everything is black and white, and very little is even remotely feminine.

Both aspects are part of the reason that patterned leggings aren't selling at Lulu.

Unknown said...

I feel the same way about prints! I don't like the stand out and I feel that the prints do that in the gym.

Anonymous said...

Like 2:21 said I like prints and bright colors on my tights and crops. I do notice in my yoga classes most people wear dark colored or gray tights. I seem to be one of the only people who wear patterns and bright colors in that class.
I really enjoy going for runs wearing fun colors and patterns.


LuluAddict said...

@M - Sometimes I really need a fun print to get me in the mood for a run or to head to the gym.

@Rise and Shine - Totally agree. I would like a lot more of the monochromatic prints if they were more feminine.

Anonymous said...

I got both pants in black: On the Fly Woven is thinner and appears darker with 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane, the “on the Fly” has 69% Nylon and 31% Elastane, but I heard the other colors have a different material content and feel - is that true?