Sunday, April 23, 2017

Formation Quicksand Wunder Unders, Black Currant Sole Training SS, and More

 Formation Quicksand Wunder Under Hi Rise

Pop Orange Sculpt Tank and Formation Alpine Tight Stuff Tights

Dark Forest Sun Setter Tank and Arrow Jacquard Wunder Under Crops

Boysenberry Sun Setter Tank and Wee Space Nimbus Wunder Unders

Love Tee Expression and Loop Back Joggers

Black Currant Sole Traning SS and NTS Jogger

Mind Over Miles Bra and Pop Orange Run Times Shorts

Formation Alpine Tight Stuff Tights and Fast and Free Bra


Anonymous said...

Are those wee are from space wunder unders a crop?

Anonymous said...

So the Canadian Love tees as well as a few other items are having a multiple personality disorder with regards to pricing.
The tags on these items are saying $64.
The website had them listed at $54.
Now they have been repriced to $48.
I have experienced a couple of discrepancies where I was charged the tag price instead of the lower $54 and $48. And did not have a good time trying to get my money back!!

Anonymous said...

They're 7/8ths anon 4:46- high times length

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35pm I had a similar experience when I ordered the Love Tee Crew. The attached price tag said $68., my bill showed I was charged $54.00 and a day or two after ordering this top online the website price dropped to $48.00. I called GEC and had no problem whatsoever getting the price adjustment from what I was actually charged $54. to the new price of $48.00. I found it strange though that the tag said $68.00 but I am happy to see they are dropping prices not only on pima cotton product but Scuba Hoodies as well. LLA do you know of any other price drops and I was also wondering if these price drops were only in Canada bringing Canadian prices back to US prices on certain product LLL increased in Canada only a while back?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:59 am - There were price drops on the US side as well.