Sunday, April 2, 2017

Australian Spoilers

Looks like the reported white items are arriving this month. New Mind Over Miles bra for B/C ladies. I'm not a fan of the extra long band that has elastic in the top part and is fabric in the bottom.

Mind Over Miles Tight. I wonder if these are slated as Speed Tight replacements.

New pullover previewed with the tights.

Mind Over Matter Crops.

Mind Over Matter Crop Top

Kindred Spirit Black Multi Wunder Under 7/8 Tight

Kindred Spirit Tracker Shorts

Solid Black Currant SS and LS Swiftlys

Double Time Tank

Marvel Run All Day Backpack

Formation Alpine Dash and Splash Cap

Black Currant Fast Track Bag

Jet Stream Cool Racerback II

lululemon black-grape-fast-and-free-tight
Black Grape Fast and Free Tight


Andreea said...

Is it just me or does the new black currant swiftly look really polyester-y? It has almost a weird plasticky shine to it.

Anonymous said...

The speed tights are going away?! O_o

Anon said...

God I really hope they don't replace speed tights...with pace rival and inspire options already thin on the ground, that truly would be the last straw for me!

On the bright side, I love marvel and black currant and am also a fan of the bright coloured speed shorts previewed with the white swiftly breeze top...hopefully there is more to come!

Anonymous said...

If they replace the Speed tights I will absolutely be done with LLL. It's one of the few items that actually has me coming back (though they've ruined most of them lately with mesh).

Anonymous said...

White = no for me. I'm just a slob and I give it 5 minutes. Standing still. Before I spill on them. Lol!

Black currant is pretty but not a spring color. More like a November-ish color release. It's not even a tone on the Pantone color chart for this Spring. So...are they just ignoring them completely now and doing their own thing? With the old guard and designers it might have worked but not with Potdevin and Holman at the helm - they seem clueless and arrogant and really aren't doing a good job.

The outside pocket on the Run All Day is what made that backpack stand out. Now that it's gone, I won't even glance at it. Sad too because I really like the one I have and wanted another one. I'll have to search for a 2nd hand one

More. blue. Because apparently we haven't had a lot of blue (at least the Jet Stream does follow the Pantone color chart for Spring. I'll give them that).

Not a lot on this upload for me apparently. Been like that for over a year now.

Anonymous said...

The mind over miles tights look ok as a style, but shorter than speed tights. Personally, white running tights are the LAST thing I need. Unless they are somehow stain resistant - now that would get me to buy more lulu.

CatepillarInTraining said...

if those white pants aren't sheer (HAHA) I'll buy them.

Anonymous said...

Wish it was the original CRB. :-(. I love blues!

janine57 said...

Crop top is kinda cute but white pants? No way. I do like the style on the pants. The long line bra will probably roll. Still waiting for color๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ’•

LuluAddict said...

@ Andreea - that is all the new swiftlys lately but it doesn't translate into super softness.

@ anon 12:40 am, anon 12:43 am, 8:06 am - That is just my speculation. The new tights are VERY similar to Speeds - back zipper, thigh pockets, flip-up reflective strips at the ankle. They just replaced the waistband slot pockets with those crappy external ones that I hate. When I see something so similar come out warning bells go off - witness Invigorate Tights and Inspire Tights.

@ anon 8:19 am - me, too. White and I don't get along. Guaranteed I'll get coffee on it. Or the dog will jump on me.

I don't get the fall colors in spring either.

I agree about the pocket on the Run All Day - it was the special touch, especially the pleate with the hidden reflective element.

@janine57 - long line bras always roll on me.

Anonymous said...

Solid Black Currant in Align would be really nice! I agree with some of the comments above re replacing Speed Tights. Please Lululemon, don't do it! I was really sad when they discontinue the Inspire Crop. They were my fave next to Pace Rival and when they also decided to discontinue the 105F singlet. Also, as an avid crossfitter, I don't think the all white outfit is going to work. Yeah.

Ella said...

Oh, I need some white! LLA: What do you think are the chances we get the Australian batch in US?

Anonymous said...

I was told in my store that they recently 'updated' the swiftlys to be more form fitting. I didn't try one on to confirm this, but I suspect the new sheen might be part of the 'update'.

Anonymous said...

Its autumn in australia right now, we're approaching winter. So the black currant colour is PERFECT for this time of year. Plus i believe we're the only country that has this colour now. USA does not rule the world (anymore)!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Black Currant is a terrible spring colour, but I'm a sucker for purple, so I'll probably be investing in the Black Currant Align Pants when they come, and if I'm lucky, a Black Currant Define Jacket. I wish they would release more brightly patterned stuff like they used to. I'm looking at old patterns like the Guava Boom Juice, or the Pink Frangipani patterns, and I can't help but wonder what happened to funky bright patterns like those. I also miss the old Scuba Hoodies. :(

Anonymous said...

I love the black currant swiftlies. This is the AUS upload so doesn't it make sense for them - it's autumn? But then the white does not make sense to me for them, that would summer. Or can you get away with white in AUS all year long?

Of course black currant does not make sense for NA. Anyway, I've curbed my swiftly spending with the price increases.

White looks beautiful but it is a no go for me, too high maintenance and worry about sheerness.

And more mesh...ugh.

Anonymous said...

I'd love a pair of high times in white made of luxtreme.

LuluAddict said...

@Ella - 100%. White is supposed to be the next big "color" we get.

@ anon 5:13 pm - lol. Australia always got their own winter palette.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:13 -

I forgot I was looking at photos for Aus upload when I mentioned Black Currant not being a spring color. Whoops! I know you have opposite seasons so this color totally makes sense for you guys since it's Fall there. It's gorg. Enjoy it. The white, however, makes zero sense since you are no longer in summer.

In the past the uploads made much for sense between NA and Aus/NZ. Even though we didn't get many Aus items because of the flipped seasons at least we got winter colors in winter, spring/summer colors for spring/summer and it wasn't all over the place. So if NA gets this swiftly I will be raising my eyebrow at that one for sure.

Ella said...

Thanks LLA! Lol to the "big color".
I agree with all what you say on your blog about the colors I just crave some white.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree the color choices have been dismal for a very long time..... been purchasing from other brands and happy to say I have discovered brands I like alot! I have a ton of older better lululemon that i still love and wear alot as well..... so if they never recover any of their appeal for Me not a big loss at all..... the lulu items I have collected over the years will last me forever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, no... we Americans have it too...

GratefulMama said...

I love white! I would love the crop but I wish it had a built in bra and no dorky laser cut out design on the bottom (stole that from you, LLA; remember "dorky scalloping?" ) but yeah, - little lower neckline and a scoop back plain white nice quality tank/bra crop would be really useful!